Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I am home...

Well I am all moved into my new home... and I must say a huge big thank you to my Mum and Dad (where I would be without you two I don't know) and my friend Jo and her family... thank you so very much for all your help. Hannah and Ben have settled well into the new house and have taken the changes in their stride.

Although I've got the house sorted I do have 11 art boxes to unpack (planning to get them done tonight)? I am so itching to get back into making, painting and creating again!!! I think it might be a mixture of a few deadlines coming up and seeing my art supplies again after being in boxes for the last few weeks. I think it is going to be a bit of trial and error sorting out where things will go and what I will need on hand and what I don't need on a regular basis etc... it is all a little bit exciting and then at times it all seems so overwhelming too.

So many different routines to get used to, different ways of doing things and some other strange changes (you know how I feel about change). But I am going to take it day by day and I am sure it will sort itself out.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a minor incident...

(tears are words the heart can't express)
found this the other day in my work book

A lady nearly ran over me on the pedestrian crossing the other day... the look of horror on her face at what had nearly done made me chuckle. I smiled at her and waved her on, she smiled weakly back (still slightly traumatised) and went on her way.

It got me thinking about peoples lives and how a tiny little incident like that, if she was a split second later, could change both our lives forever. Words we say, thoughts we have and things we do could take our lives on a completely different tack within seconds. It reminds me of the pick a path books I used to read where you can decide the outcome of the book by choosing between two paths. Or that movie "Sliding doors"... anyway I am thinking of some new works with this idea in mind.

Well will be starting the move tomorrow... I am excited and scared and worried and anxious and ok...

I have got a lot of art work to do once I settle in, I have two galleries wanting more work and the Christmas sales coming up at the end of November and an art market at Ormerlie lodge 29th November. Feels good to be busy and have things to get on with.

Monday, October 12, 2009

pea green necklace...

(princess and the pea green necklace)

She isn't wearing her pea green necklace yet, as I am a little way off finishing this piece, but when she is it will match her eyes.

Well I am pretty much all packed and ready to go next Thursday. I have had so many emotions running through me in the last few weeks. Some things have been hard and some have been surprisingly easy. So many things to organise and think about and it is in times like these when I realise how strong my support network is, without my family and friends it would have been so much harder.

I haven't been doing any painting at all over the last few weeks and am really ready to get back into it again... get back to the pea green necklace.