Tuesday, March 31, 2009

8 sleeps...

(my business postcard for the UK)

I started packing yesterday and have written a few lists, lists for my carry on bag, a list for what I need in my wallet, lists for my luggage bag, lists for different things inside my luggage bag, a list of works to take with me, a list of hair care essentials... lists for every possible thing I could think of. I have 13.5 lists (one isn't finished yet) I think I am covered for everything.

Ben is starting to get excited, I think he is sensing that his first plane ride is getting closer, on the way to work he asks are we going to England today? One morning very soon the answer will be... yes.

I've been having very restless nights worrying about things, catching a taxi from the train station to the bus station in Paris... I think it is only 6km but I worry we will not find a taxi. I worry about our cat who is a little odd and will probably hibernate under the house for the whole time we are away and and stress out her carers, I worry about how heavy my bag will be, have I thought of everything, will I find somewhere that will like my art work, should I even bother with it? has Ben got enough clothes (he has grown so much in the last year and doesn't fit his trousers and sweaters from last winter), how will I cope with the lack of sleep? how will Ben cope with the monotonous hours on the plane? So those are just a few of the things going through my head at the moment. I think I need to do this though, this internal worrying, more often then not things are way better then what I imagine them to be.

Other then that I am very excited and can't wait for next Wednesday to arrive.

I haven't done any art work the last week and I feel a bit lost. I thought some clear head space before our trip would be a good idea. But I feel like some good friends I had staying have gone home and I miss them, I guess they will be back.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

If you were the ocean...

(if you were the ocean, I'd learn to float)

(always remember where you came from)

(collecting thoughts)

I have just listed the above three and a few others in my Etsy shop today. I had a few computer problems, I don't think the right parts were listening to each other? But all is sorted now...

I had the last weekend all to myself... The rest of the family took Uncle Ken (who has been staying with us for a week or so) to Rotorua to see the plop plops... I offered to stay home and get some housework done. It was so nice to do what I wanted when I wanted... I decided to have a little nap at 5:30, just because I could... which would have usually been a very busy time in our house, I watched 3 harry Potter DVD's in a row and ate pickled things, I put my music up loud and sung along at the top of my voice. Was good fun and good for me....

Something wonderful came to me in the weekend, I was picked out to win a encaustic painting by the very clever and talented Beth from tangledskystudio. I have fallen in love with this little piece, it is so precious. I look at it often and I can't help but smile. The other night I went to the loo at about 4 in the morning and had to come out to the kitchen to see it again. So thank you so much Beth, it means a lot to me.

My good friend Anne Michelle made a suggestion about adding a little bit of white to my girls eyes... which I have done to these three and I think it has made a big difference to them, such a clever thing she is... thanks for that wise piece of advise.

I have just bought a new digital camera to take away with me (two weeks tomorrow)!!! My old one was getting on a bit and quite bulky compared to my new slimline one. So I am looking forward to taking some pictures of the wonderful sights waiting for me.

I don't plan to do any more works in the next few weeks, but you never know... I am planning however to get a new business card done and maybe some giveaway postcards to take with me.

A small note to mother nature...I really like autumn, but I like to ease into it not be thrust into it like a raging bull!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

three is my favourite number

(In my heart there's something telling me)

(sometimes the words don't come out quite right)

Well it is three weeks as of right about now that we will start hopping on planes. I have not planned anything yet, I haven't written any lists or organised anything into piles...!!! I think I am actually rather scared of the whole adventure and am trying not to think too much about it just yet. I find myself looking forward to small things, like the little pottles of water on the plane, deciding what to watch on my own in flight entertainment screen, seeing what colour the dirt is in Paris (oh yes, we might be going through Paris again)? feeling what the air is like in England and a few other things. I think if I concentrate on these little things the whole thought of going to the other side of the world will not seem so scary. I know once I have done it I will be hooked and want to do it again and again, it is the unknown that gets me.

These two above are two I finished last week... am a bit behind with things on the art front at the moment. We have Stuart's Uncle staying with us for 10 days, so I have been busy listening to him talk (he likes to talk).

Someone commented about the girls faces, how they have changed, now I look closely at them, I see that they have. They seem to have things on their minds, or maybe a little more thoughtful looking?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A girl that's not me...

(A girl heading to Paris)

Well this girl is heading to Paris, but she's not me... the trains to Paris are full at the time we are wanting to go so we will probably be going through Brussels instead.

(I love cardigans)

Life at the moment seems to be full of very exciting things and sad, bad things...

Monday, March 9, 2009


(falling into you)

I finished this piece late last week and I think it will be the first of the ones I will take to the UK with me. I am not sure what else I will do but am planning to get a few more done this week so I will post pics of them later in the week.

We got Ben's passport in the mail the other day and he looks like a kindergarten convict. I am not sure if there is anyone who reads this, who lives in Kent or anyone who would know what the weathers like there in April? What do I pack?

On Friday night I went to see a friend, Michael Hawkesworth's exhibition opening. Just loved his new work, I could have spent hours looking at each piece. I am fond of him as he helped me when I was pregnant with Ben... I am not very tall, about 5 foot and not much more. Well I was about 7 months and Ben was starting to take up quite a bit of room, it was weird every morning about 10:30 I would start to feel faint and a little dizzy. Well this one day while Michael was in my office he asked me a question and I answered and then promptly fell off my chair. I had fainted and he looked after me until the nurse came. The doctor said he wasn't sure what we could do about this fainting problem... I told him I thought a good cure might be giving birth.

Anyway I hope everyone had a good or is having a good weekend...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

and the winner is...


(a bit hard to read in the pic) I got Ben to empty his fire truck and we put all the names inside and he picked the winner (after a bit of an argument as he wanted to put his own pieces of paper in the fire truck).

Carine if you send me your address to katherine.quinn@paradise.net.nz and the title of your favourite print from my etsy shop www.sleepandhersisters.etsy.com I will get it sent away to you.

I want to say thank you to everyone who left a comment, I really enjoyed reading them all and it was great to 'meet' some new people.. It was so much fun I might do another one soon.

I hope everyone has a good weekend, I am off to a hen's night this evening...

Monday, March 2, 2009

A giveaway because...

I have finally listed new works in my etsy shop!!!

So if you leave a comment at the end of this post by Friday midnight (New Zealand time) I will pick a winner first thing Saturday morning. The winner can pick any print from my shop and will get a few extra goodies.

Well, we had a very wet start to the weekend. It was nice to spend the day indoors mucking around (especially playing with 'ello') and our gardens really needed the rain. The above pic was the result of some of my mucking around... it isn't quite finished yet. I am calling this series of works "Nowhere I'd rather be..." as this is how I feel when I'm painting them.

I am thinking I might spend March doing some works to take with me to England to see whether there is a gallery or cafe or something that might be interested in selling them.