Friday, January 30, 2009

I've got a good idea...

My three year old Ben, often says "I've got a good idea, shall we... blah blah blah, that be a good idea aye". I think he got it from me, but it sounds so much cuter when he says it.

(good idea #1)

(good idea #2)

(not a new idea... this is an old good idea #47)

(good idea # 3)

Last night I started trying a few of the good ideas I talked about in the previous post. Although I found myself being super careful, taking a lot of time and over thinking things I am pleased with what has happened so far... I guess that is the way I am with new ideas, until I know what I am doing and am sure of what results to expect when I do certain things, I will be careful and a little precious and that is ok.

I have also got a few new mediums that I am keen to try out including a wax varnish, wax medium and some interesting chalks that are displayed like an eye shadow palette. I have spent far too much time looking at these things thinking how great they are going to be. So next week I might actually try them, watch this space, I will hopefully post my findings soon.

This weekend my friend Gina D, from Sydney, is getting married. I am a little bit (a lot) excited as I haven't seen her for a few years. There will also be other friends there I haven't seen for a while either... so a lot of things to catch up on and memories to relive.

I hope everyone has a good weekend...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Well I am back at work again... it is good to see everyone and get back into a routined day again. The students don't start till mid February but I am pretty busy ordering brushes, paper, paint, mediums, ink and pens etc... I have a storeroom full of boxes to be opened and it will be like Christmas all over again.

little pencil drawings (a bit light) of new ideas...

I haven't been sleeping very well lately (I have things on my mind) and find myself getting up 4 - 5 times a night to get a drink or go to the toilet before I can settle into sleep. But last night I decided to do a few drawings to wile away the hours, I have posted one page of them.

I have had these ideas running around in my head about a different technique to try. I saw it on a poster a few years ago and thought 'I will try that one day'. Well I think today might be the day...? The idea is to paint colours in the background and then to paint over this leaving some of the these colours showing through becoming foreground characters. It will be interesting as I am thinking that I will be able to pick and choose which parts of the background I want to keep and what I want to dull back. Well that is what I am hoping will happen... will let you know.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I have no pictures...

I have done absolutly nothing arty in the last three weeks. But yesterday I got two phone calls requesting more pendants (as they had all sold) plus a few other works had sold as well and both galleries need more urgently. Town is busy at this time of the year, we are a bit of a tourist destination here in Napier and we have cruise boats coming in too. Yesterday we had three... we went to have a look at them and my goodness they are big! reminded me of the 'Love Boat'...

I find it hard to get things done in the holidays, with everyone around the house, no real structure to our days and the heat it is very hard to concentrate on anything really (and we have another three weeks or so to go till we go back to work and school). It is weird but in the middle of holiday mode I get this fear, how am I going to cope with going back to work... it seems to take us so long in the holidays to do the basic things let alone fitting 5 hours of work into the day as well.

So anyway today I started doing something, I made 10 more pendants and have thought about some more paintings, but haven't actually done anything about those thoughts... YET. I have this theory that I work with that as long as I do something towards my art work each day (maybe not the weekends) it is a good thing. So I think 10 pendants is a good start.

We are going to my Mum and Dads tomorrow to see my Fairy God Mother, she is up for a visit from Blenheim. She is a real live magical Fairy God Mother... I am lucky. I told Ben I think she is magic and he said "She is magic because she is magic" so she must be with logic like that.

We might also be going to Lake Waikaremoana (really beautiful) for a night or two later this week, and to Wellington to watch the Phoenix play next weekend... haven't really got plans sorted yet but will see what happens.

So even though the days are long and hot here there is not a lot of much happening... will post some pics soon of new works and maybe some holiday shots too.

hope you are all well...