Monday, May 26, 2008

Everything depends on how near you stand to me

I have decided to split them up, I didn't like them being next to each other, they fought too much.

These pieces are going to be in a group exhibition called 'Threads' in a place called Little River, in the Banks Peninsula. I still need to add a few things, like the numbers and some thread (to fit in with the title theme). I will sew them to the backing paper.

I am waiting for a phone call about my credit card being oked to give to the etsy people then will start my site... am getting excited and a little nervous.

Have been feeling up and down in the last week, things are not right yet they are good?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

odd numbers

I have had two different people on two separate occasions ask if I have been influenced by the book 'The curious incident of the dog in the night time'.

So I got a copy and my partner thought it looked interesting so proceeded to read 18 pages of it. He then suggested we read it together, so that night as he drifted off to sleep I was to read the first 18 pages to catch up to him... well I couldn't stop at 18 pages and continued to read the rest of most of it (he was most put out the next morning when I told him). I have now finished it...

I can see the connection these people made between the book and my work, but I think I just like odd numbers, I like to look at things in threes, fives, sevens, nines etc... but threes especially. At work we have these rows of grape vines and they are numbered and line up with the car parks. I like to park in an odd one. It makes me briefly happier then if it were even. Oh dear that makes me sound a little odd myself.

If you can get a copy I strongly advise you read it. It is a funny thing the mind and it made me realise what a tough world some of us live in.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Autumn is here

Our tree in the front garden has gone from summer green to bright yellow all in a few days. We have picked a leaf each and are waiting to see whose will be the last to fall.

This is the one I have picked...

Am busy with my girls, they are coming along nicely... will have pics soon of three in a set I have been working on for an exhibition in Little River called 'threads'.

Will hopefully be all ready for etsy in a week or so... I just need to get a credit card now then I can sign up.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Little Ben

Here is my little baby Ben, I don't have any recent photos of him on my work computer... so these are a little old, he's taller now. And I certainly don't have any recent photos of Hannah, she's 14, nearly fifteen and hates her photo being taken.

I was showing some photos from our holiday to Rotorua to a friend at work and she said there were none of me (I was behind the camera taking the photos).
Then I thought about it and most of my childhood holiday photos were of me and my brother with dad and not mum, she too was behind the camera.

In generations to come will they think those Quinn mothers never went on holidays with their families?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Threes company

An experiment... I love this paper with the different dots.

These girls, when they are finished, will be part of a set of three for our annual staff print exhibition.

I seem to have a real problem with colour. I love work on etsy where there has been bright colour used and lots of it. But when I come to do my own work I seem to need to dull everything down. The girl on the left has a piece of silk tissue over her dress, I thought this would be good to dull the brightness of the dots... the dots I loved for their brightness moments before. Why am I doing this, what am I scared of?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

show your hands

This is the latest from the kitchen table... and the first time one of their hands (well tips of fingers really) have been shown. I had to string her up, make her loose her balance for her arm to come away from her side.

I think I have enough pictures now to try out etsy... so will see what happens. I have a few exhibitions I've been asked to be involved with so will get those pieces out of the way then try putting some work out there.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Princess and the pea necklace

Every night the princess finds the pea and adds it to her necklace, they look far better around her neck then giving her a bad nights sleep.

Well back at work again and am getting motivated to get more painting done. Have had a few happy mistakes happen and what I thought were good ideas that have fallen though (what was I thinking)???

My creative mode seems to be coming in fits and starts at the moment (very frustrating) I guess what it's that I don't really get lots of time in a row. There is always things to be done around the house or the kids need me to do something. Which in some ways is good as it can let ideas settle and develop before I put them to paper.