Wednesday, January 18, 2012

R stands for research...

{Arabella's parachute dress}

It is weird how things come together and connect with each other...  On Monday I started the long awaited Hello Soul Hello Business course with Kelly Rae and Beth.  It is more than I ever expected and I can't believe how much it has got me thinking and how much has come about in just two days {we have 10 whole weeks}!  

Then today at work I had a meeting with our research tutor about my PBRF portfolio {can't really remember what this stands for but I am pretty sure the R stands for research}  I wasn't really looking forward to it as I was doubtful it would be something I would qualify for.  But it seems I have been researching for years and didn't even realise it... my girls have a history!!!   So today we scribbled out a whole lot of ideas and will come together again soon to bring it all together.  I am really excited about this and it has really helped with what I am doing/thinking in the Soul Sessions Course.

Back to Arabella... this is the parachute dress that Olive made for her.  If she is dropped from a height she can pull a ripcord and will float down to earth rather than plummet to her death.   Arabella is not entirely happy with it but she does like the list of birds down the front.

Friday, January 6, 2012

easing into 2012...

Olive's new party dress and hat

Welcome to 2012... I hope the start of the year sees you all well and happy.  I have been taking it easy the last week, going with the flow and enjoying the sunshine (finally) and savouring the summer fruit.  

While I have been easing into 2012 Olive on the other hand has been going wild making dresses for herself and her sisters.  She is planning a party to celebrate her Uncle's birthday and is making him a new crown.  Her Uncle has been talking lately about giving up 'this whole King business'.  This talk has upset Olive a little... she doesn't see how a King can just stop being a King because he feels like it and hopes a new crown might change his mind.

I am not sure why Olives face looks like it has a line just under her nose, I think it might be my scanner as it is not on the original picture... hmmmm