Sunday, August 21, 2011

can I change my mind...

(Ariadne's knots... unfinished)

I have started writing little info cards to go with my new sister prints (I am getting these ready to list in my shops soon).  I am a little worried though... once I have posted these images and my ideas about them are out in the world, can I change my mind? can I decide that maybe Ariadne is not so fond of sheep anymore, that in fact she is a little afraid of them? Or that maybe Arabella isn't completely who I thought she was? or that Genevieve doesn't actually like to talk? Can I change my mind... ?

Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm going where the weather suits my clothes...

(my wine box offering for this year...)

 I have found myself today with an empty 'to do list' So I am thinking I might do a whole lot of nothing today... and considering we are due for a big storm to hit it is probably a pretty good idea.  But we probably wont get any interesting weather as it usually peters out before it hits us.

I have finished my wine box for this years auction... I had a few chemical reactions that exploded on the surface which added an interesting dimension. It is titled "I'm going where the weather suits my clothes" will let you know how much it goes for in the auction.

Something else I have been thinking of doing is a big abstract canvas painting for myself, really big like 1m x .5m (that is big for me).  It will be like a big huge experiment.  I am thinking that these chemical reactions I have had on the wine box might be interesting to try on the canvas... although it would be good to see if I can control them a little.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately... I just hope all these thoughts will come to fruition.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I have been thinking...

I have been thinking about my sisters this past month... just thinking about them as I have been too busy to be working on them (I miss them).  I have been thinking about who they are, what they like to wear and what sort of note book they would like to use if they needed one.  So from there I thought that I might like to design a range of jewellery, stationery etc... for each of them (like the Genevieve range or the Ariadne range).

It's just an idea...