Thursday, July 30, 2009

What I have been doing this week...

(the collaged bits haven't been glued into place yet... that will be my next job)

Here are some of my new collaged pendants I have been working on. They are set in little antiqued brass bezels and will come with a matching 1.8mm ball chain. They are so much fun to make and do... I have ordered another lot of these bezels and some silver ones also so I can try out some more ideas. Stay tuned I will post new designs in the next week and then list them in my etsy shop if anyone is interested.

(words have wings so speak good things)

Here is one of my new inspire paintings... she isn't quite finished yet, obviously missing her hat. But I just wanted to show you what I have been working on the last few days. If anyone has any favourite sayings I would be interested to hear them. I am liking these neutral tones of this piece with the brick red in her dress, I find them rather calming. I have two more of these on the go and will do a few more next week as well as get more of the collaged pendants finished and listed in my etsy shop, might be the week after it depends when the package of new bezels arrives, I only have six at the moment.

Another week has gone by so fast... we are off to see 'the grocer's son' (a French film) on Sunday afternoon and then maybe a hot chocolate at a cafe?

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Collaged pendants

(1st collaged pendant design)

I've been thinking of doing some collaged pendants over the weekend and have only done the one above so far, but plan to do a few more. It is really interesting working on such a small scale, everything is so tinsey winsey and I don't know how many times I lost that darn fish!!! I will post a whole group of these when I get a few more done.

I am in the middle of listing some more pendants on etsy with images from my sinking series. There is a selection of different sizes and shapes.

I am so excited... in the middle of September I am going to attend my first art retreat!!! It is the first one that is being organised and I think it is a chance to get together with like minded people for the weekend and do art etc... I am beyond excited, although I am a little nervous as I wont really know anyone. I am not too good at meeting new people I can be quite shy and I think sometimes it can come across as a bit snooty or unfriendly. Oh well nothing like putting yourself in the middle of it for a whole weekend.

Below are a few more pages from my work book...

(page 17 of my workbook)

(page 18 of my workbook)

The last few days I've been sitting with thoughts about trying to be my best self. That it is ok to make mistakes, to try things that don't work out, to buy plants that end up dying etc... being our best doesn't mean we have to be perfect. As I tell myself I am ok, the moments of self doubt and the awkward feelings start to dissolve. I am ok.

Friday, July 24, 2009

red boots with green frogs

I have added two new original paintings from my sinking series and a print of each as well to my Etsy shop... also five new pendants, I am also working on some more with works that I am doing specifically to fit the pendants.

(one of the new originals in my shop)

(one of the new pendants)

Thanks for all the comments an emails regarding my last post about the little voices, so good to know I am not alone (Just as well we only hear our own otherwise it would be a very noisy place). Living this creative life is a hard road sometimes, so many people tell me I am lucky I can "draw"... that should be a Tui billboard. I think I have said this before but it really amazes me how my happiness depends on how the creative side of my world is going. The more I think about it the more I realise that it is a strong part of who I am. It has allowed a whole lot of doors to open that might not have otherwise and the joy that comes from sitting at my kitchen table making stuff is well worth the odd moments of loopyness.

Anyway... I bought some new red shoes yesterday! and I love them, they were made in Spain and have this little green label with a frog on it. I just wish I had them at the beginning of winter and not towards the end... I will post a pic next week.

Here is Ben on the evening of his 4th birthday, he was happily pooped and could hardly keep his eyes open, very ready for bed.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New pendants

These are some of my new pendants I have been working on over the holidays. I will probably get them listed on Etsy next week some time, I am still waiting for some chain to arrive. I wore the above one to a party last week and I got quite a few compliments.

They settings are a mixture of antiqued silver, patera grande and pewter and then I use a two part resin finish over the top to protect the image.

(waiting for the resin)

I am really trying not to force things at the moment, I seem to give myself such a hard time when I feel I am not doing enough, when things are not good enough etc... I think it is true that we can be our own biggest critic. I am finding lately that I talk myself out of trying so many things and my reasoning for this is that it will be a waste of time.

It is like I have two little beings sitting on my shoulders, one loudly telling me that every idea I have is stupid and a waste of time and the other one softly whispers "maybe you should give it a go"? It reminds me of the add on TV for instant kiwi "You should get a perm Douglas... get a perm" Well I think I am going to try listening to the soft whispers...

Why do I internally beat myself up like this?... self doubt is a nasty thing. I don't think I am the person I should be. The me I see in my head is not the me I am, if that makes sense. I want to be the me in my head and every now and again I think I am but it doesn't last for long. I see someone else that is doing a better job at being me then I am. Good grief I sound like a fruit loop!

Anyway... other news is that the painting I did for the last giveaway I had last month has gotten lost! I feel bad but Tara has been very understanding and I am going to do her a replacement.

Two of Polarity
's pendants have sold with my images on them!!! so very exciting, her shop is s must to see, so very clever.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Holidays... oops

I Forgot to say that I was going to be on holiday for the next two weeks... It has been very busy so far with lots of birthdays, tomorrow is Stuart's birthday and he is celebrating by going to hospital to have a knee opp. A football injury that he has been nursing for a while so will be good to have it fixed. The doctor said he would be ok to eat cake after the opperation so we will make sure he has a lovely birthday afternoon as he will be asleep and drowsey for most of the morning.

I have some exciting news... two of my prints are featured in polarity's shop on one of her brilliantly designed pendant necklaces, I am so excited they look fab she has done a wonderful job. You can take a look here... let me know what you think.

(I am using my computer at home and it is a little old and I can't seem to link anything, so to see the above link you might have to copy and paste into your address bar)? sorry...

I have also been trying some more of my own necklaces and will post and list them after the holidays...

This is a holiday piece I have been working on, it has been fun having it sitting on my art table and as I am pottering around the house doing things (can't really go outside as the weather is beyond crappy at the moment, so cold and wet) I stop every now and again and do a little bit on it. I have found it to be a nice easy way to work around the holiday routines.

Well better dash... will be back in a week with some pics of my new jewels and probably more painitngs.