Sunday, October 30, 2011

dream me...

Well... Olive has been busy creating a new look for herself.  And  I am not really sure what else to say as she has kind of caught me by surprise.

I think Olive is probably everything I am not... everything I am scared of being and everything I want to be.  Olive might be my dream me.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I had one of those wonderful happy little accidents with Olive... I ripped the bottom of her dress and was about to throw it out and do another one when I thought maybe I should just sew it together (Olive would like that and it is something she would do).  So then it got me thinking about stitches and sewing parts together.  This is something I used to do years ago when I painted houses and stitched the silk tissue around the edges of the painting.  I actually won a Norsewood Art Award  for a piece of work that had a whole lot of little squares threaded together.

I am not sure whether this piece is finished yet or not and I am not really happy with her tool belt, so I am going to sit with her for a while and see if anything more comes.

In the mean time I had another idea for Olive, completely different to the above picture and my original idea of who Olive is... I guess it wont hurt to try.

Friday, October 7, 2011

world famous in Canada...

A while ago I got an email from Eddie Douglas (a children's singer-songwriter from Guelph, Ontario, Canada) asking if he could use an image of my 'Hope floats' print for the cover of his CD. There was a bit of emailing back and forward as we sorted things out and then the finished CD arrived in the mail the other day!!! I am very excited to share it with you today.

It looks amazing to see one of my little girls on the front of a CD!!! Eddie's songs are really lovely and I think my favourites are Luna and Night-time song.

I have also been doing a bit of work on Olive and I think she is nearly finished, so I will share her in my next post (which wont be a month later like my last post... I promise)

I also made the front page on Etsy this morning (while I was sleeping) in this beautiful treasury...