Wednesday, December 17, 2008

three good things

'three sisters'

Well a few more days and I will be finished work for the year... Can't believe how fast the year has gone!!!

A few days ago my print arrived from the very talented and clever Michele Maule...
It was such a delight opening it, the packaging and presentation was just beautiful. The print was so much better in real life then on my computer screen, she also included a thank you print that I love just as much. So thank you very much Michele.

I feel bad moaning again, this is supposed to be a blog about my creative process. But I am finding my creative process is going down the toilet at the moment. I think my brain is slipping into a slight meltdown... I can't seem to think straight and everything seems too hard. But I guess that is just the way the creative process is sometimes.

It doesn't help having a few upsets arranging Christmas and now, me who usually loves Christmas can't wait till it is all over. Sometimes life just gets in the way of the creative process... I constantly feel like I need more time, more time to paint, to think about painting and to try different ideas. It is so hard to be creative when you have to grab a few minutes here and a few there...

I have always said I would never give up my day job... It is just too perfect BUT now little thoughts have been creeping into my head (especially when I read on other peoples blogs how they have had a great day in the studio) imagine a whole day!!! Financially it is just too scary at the moment, and doing it while Ben, at 3 is around is not easy, he says "oh you doing your art work, I will just look with my fingers" In shops etc I tell him to look with his eyes not his fingers. Also I think I'd have to have some kind of support network in place? So maybe it is an option in a few years? Any thoughts, ideas or experiences anyone has on this will be greatly appreciated.

Anyway I have nearly completed a few commissions that have been waiting for a while a part of one is the above pic, so that is a good thing. The third good thing is today we are going out for our technicians lunch to the Cider Tree.


tangled sky studio said...

hi katherine,
as the holidays quickly approach here i too find myself missing the creative vibe. the dailiness of what needs to get done between date x and date y are like a weight which just crushes free thought...anyways i was productive last week and posted a bunch of new work so i'm trying to not stress about not painting this week. the question about the day job is too big to answer here but if the time is right you'll know...and it may not be until your little guy is in school...the fact that you love your day job and are producing work this beautiful is incredible.

Chavah Kinloch said...

I just spotted your comment on my blog and wanted to say thanks for stopping by:)

Russet said...

eHi Katherine...yes those questions again....and I believe the at home artist comes just a the right time, somehow all the things that are meant to happen just fall into place, and children grow and are part of our creative process. i am always amazed at how much you are able to nurture that in those around you, especially when I see Ben playing with shells and hear you talk about whales in the tiny sea he has in front of him. I am humbled by the care and attention you have for his imagination.

Christmas and families, and how did i see you negiotate through that ...with the ablility you have bring together others and sharing experience....MILK is genius and a marvelous way of sharing. Wonderful stress reliever.

Heaps of love and go girl.

Carine b said...

I agree with you...& i really understand you but keep believe in your work & even if it's not a good "period" for you(for me either...)it's the process...Have a good,good day & you have talent!!!Don't forget that!!

Deirdra Doan said...

Your paintings are so precious....making me smile...

If you get a chance come see my Christmas song I wrote and filmed "It's Christmas". and my friends song,
"Winter Garden"

I found you through Kelly Rae.

Snowflake Christmas Greetings

Flor Larios Art said...

I love that painting as I have two sisters almost same ages. It reminds me when we were kids.
Happy Holidays!

Michele Maule said...

I am so glad you enjoy your print Katherine!!

I am happy that you received it before the holidays and everything too. I hope you are able to take a little time for yourself and your family for the holidays.

I am not sure about the day job thing either. I think you'll know when the time is right :)

Brenda said...

I just love your three sisters painting - it is precious, I have two sisters so it is very meaningful to me. Sorry to hear you are in a slump, you'll get through it. Have faith, believe, things will work out. Hugs.

oksana said...

So beautiful painting!
About your day job: I think you will feel when the right time will come to change your life.
But I am sure that if you put all your time to your art you will be VERY succesful!

tangled sky studio said...

hi katherine...happy almost new year!


Shawn said...

Happy New Year! Hope all is picking up in your world. I saw the celebration in NZ on tv ... beautiful. Life here is just ... well, moving along. Cheers to you ... things will pick up again I'msure.

Carine b said...

Hello & Happy New Year!!!I wish you're allright & your family too!!Have a good day.

Jeannie said...

Hi there! I luv your stuff!
Wondering if you've ever done
anything with dragonflies?