Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a little spark of excitement...

I had the lovely Tara stay with me for a few nights during the holidays... I was a bit nervous as we hadn't meet before and I am a little shy with new people.  It didn't help that Hannah was worried she might be an axe murderer!  Anyway she didn't bring an axe and we had a lovely few days and time went so fast.  Although things didn't go exactly as I had planned, coming down from Te Mata Peak my car broke down.  I had to ring Mum and she was a bit angry with me that I didn't have an AA membership and had to use hers...  she said she's going to join me up for my birthday... (although I actually want an atlas for my birthday).  Anyway my wonderful mother lent me her car for the next few days so we could carry on with our site seeing plans (since then I have had to buy a new car, it is a white Dawoo something, for those that are interested).

Here are a few of my purchases from our shopping trip in Napier...

Some wonderful cards from Ooma, a French book (not sure what it is about as I can't read French but is just beautiful to look at) from Provincial Interior Designs, a lovely coffee cup from Brocante, a little Japanese pottery spoon from Raku and a new scarf also from Brocante... so much fun.

Lately I have been feeling this little spark of excitement slowly burning deep within... it is the kind of excitement which comes when a group of like minded women get together and organise something great, really great.  Our little local etsy group is growing and we are starting to develop a real network and support system for ourselves and each other... and this excites me very much.


Shelly said...

I *think* those cards are from Curly Girl - Leigh Standley. I just met her a few weeks back at Artfest... SO cool to see her cards all the way across the world!

softearthart said...

It is wonderful to have your generous spirit in our group, Katherine,you make me smile with your soft smile. cheers Marie

chrissy said...

catherine dear.
you are MORE than OK...you are KO!
(a term we use in america to say YOU ROCK SISTER! or something like that...)
i laughed right out loud at the axe murderer bit. my 10 yr old would say something exactly like that.
i think it is so brave of you and tara to get together like that...way to grow!
(my take on way to go!)
i guess im feeling silly today.
how are the cards coming along? can.t wait for them. how does one start an etsy group...(assuming one is going to SOMEDAY actually open her etsy store that is...)?
i am thrilled for the excitement that is stirring within and i knew it would come dear friend.
get ready!
loves to you.

chrissy said...

oh ya.. i almost forgot my whole purpose for commenting...
i hope there IS a day when we meet in person and i absolutely, whole heartedly agree that it will be as if we have been friends since we were young enough to worry about axe murderers.
i am always in awe that you take the time to visit my silly blog and comment.
you INSPIRE me!

Margaret said...

Yes mums have their uses.You are not getting an atlas for your birthday because I have already signed you up for AA. However you will have access to maps through them!