Tuesday, December 21, 2010

if only I was able...

Wow... it was so muggy today, not really good weather for doing anything much.  In saying this I am really aware of those in the northern hemisphere who are suffering the opposite.  would be nice if we could swap a few degrees.

Anyway this is the third piece in my houses series.   I am quite partial to the house on the far right, I think I would like to live in it... if only I was able.  Something else I used to do a lot of in my old house paintings were washing lines (washing is my most favourite household chore).  So you might see a few of these in amongst my new houses.

If anyone is interested I will be adding some of these to my poor neglected etsy shop in the next few weeks.

Now I must dash as there is a total lunar eclipse happing in just a few minutes!


NatashaMay said...

I love your houses series and the washing line gives it something extra. :) I wish we could swap a few degrees as well. :)

Anonymous said...

i'm really loving your house series too. that washing line is awesome :)

xx Miriam

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

The houses are absolutely gorgeous. I'll be very interested to see some in your Etsy shop sometime.

rachel awes said...

i adore those washing lines
& also that ground
& oh i'd also love
to meet you
for tea
in your
new home
on the

softearthart said...

Loving those washing lines, I have had an idea about using a washing line in my art for a while, you just re inspired me. cheers Marie

chrissy said...

i am loving your recent work my dear. i hope all is well. we need to catch up. huge hugs to you!

patty said...

LOVE that little line of wash and I'm not sure you would want to swap weather with me unless you fancy 5+ straight days of rain without even stopping once! I mean I do not mind rain, in general, but this is getting very OLD!! Happy Christmas to you!!

Anonymous said...

I love your new artwork! I would love to swap a few degrees with you, too. Where I live, in Pennsylvania, it is only suppose be in the 20s all week.

Helen Lewis said...

Loving this new house series!! Love the muted colors and backgrounds with just a faint pattern evident...
Please do list some in your shop!
Blessings to you in the new year,