Tuesday, July 5, 2011

sweet and kind...

(I really love this image I found somewhere on tumblr)

So, I have nothing to show for the last few weeks.  I have been doing lots, don't get me wrong... but nothing I can show.  I have a market this weekend which I have been making more stuff for and I have also been getting myself sorted for a retreat early next year that I will be involved with (more on this later).  And then there is work... it has been crazy busy there!  

I have some ideas forming for another sister, she will be sweet and kind and love to sew... so stay tuned for that soon.

My daughter turned 18 last week... WOW is all I can say about that.


softearthart said...

Cool picture, and what a joy daughters are, yours is beautiful so is mine, she turned 20 recently, my time flies. cheers Marie

Anonymous said...

Hannah is so pretty!! My Anna is 18 on Sunday. I feel elderly!! Tell me about the retreat!

patty said...

It's all good, Katherine.... stuff needs to incubate. Nice to see you checking in here, your daughter is lovely!

Anne-Marie said...

I could have sworn it was only a few years ago that she was born ... She looks like you, Katherine.

I hope you are able to carry with your sisters again soon. Perhaps it is midwinter that has put you in a creative funk?

Thanks for your lovely words on my blog xx