Monday, June 22, 2009

the shortest day

(I worked on this piece over the weekend, and it is finished and listed in my Etsy shop)

My studio space is a mess! and not just a top layer of mess but there are layers and layers of mess and muddle. I wonder whether it is just me or do other people's studios get into such a state? I don't have a big space (that might actually be a blessing) but I found last night that the whole of my table was covered with clutter and the space I was actually working in was no bigger then a piece of photocopy paper, if that! I get so involved in what I am doing and get things, tools, paper etc... out, use them and then leave them where I've discarded them. I am lucky enough to have a storeroom cupboard and lately I have been using that as a dumping ground for stuff. I have towers of papers and bits and pieces piled precariously on top of one another. These towers are nearly taller then me!

I am planning on a big huge clean up and sort out in the holidays, in two weeks time (which will be good as my friends and I have just started this thing called a 'crap swap'... where we bring along a load of stuff we no longer use or need, it can be anything clothes, books, art supplies, nick nacks, anything and then we take turns to pick something off the table. It is actually a lot of fun and everyone is pleased at the end of the night with their haul.

Anyway I am wondering if this is a really bad habit, to be so messy and lazy or do other people work this way too...? I would be interested to know how other people deal with the clutter and keeping it under control when it comes to making art work.

A list of 5 things for today

1... I have been accepted into the affordable art auction and have got two paintings done and framed and are all ready to be posted off tomorrow afternoon.

2... the shortest day today!

3... Everyone in our house has some kind of bug, I even heard the cat sneeze yesterday.

4... I got my very own scanner at work!!!

5... am looking forward to the holidays.


Michelle Eaton said...

This one is beautiful!

I also have a really small art area. I try to keep it as clean as possible but once I start creating things go everywhere. I hope someday to have a whole room all to myself for my art. We can all dream can't we :)

Silke said...

Your painting is so beautiful! I love the colors and moods of your art! Truly gorgeous!!

Oh, my studio...I always wonder how I get so messy! I am usually quite tidy except in my creative area. But maybe we need a bit of chaos for the creative juices to flow. I find that as I am doing more stuff, though, I'll need to come up with some containers for papers, etc.

Good luck with the organizing...:) Silke

lilylovekin said...

I have the same problem a small work space that I keep clean when I'm not working. But as soon as I start working all Heck breaks loose! It becomes a mess and I can't control it. Now I'm just trying to learn to be ok with the mess because I think it is part of the creative process-uncontrolled energy.

Brenda said...

Really lovely. I can't seem to keep my work space tidy either. I could relate to your mountains of clutter, sigh.

Michele Maule said...

My work space is always a mess. I clean, I make mess, I clean I make mess...
It's never ending.

Love the painting!
Hope everyone in your house starts to feel better soon!

Carine b said...

Those two girls are so cute,i really "repeat" the same words at my visit...but it's what I feel & of course my studio is such a mess but it's an organizing mess,in france we said about mess:"a cat wouldn't find her babies"...!Thank you for all!!

gryphon said...

These two are lovely :)
Mess. That is why I love doing digital. I can have so much stuff out, looking through it all, and then it goes away with a click of a button. What am I saying...I'm looking at my table as I write this and I can't find space to put my coffee down! Art books, sketch pads, examples of work I've printed out, plus all the usual mess of bills, junk mail etc. I think us artists are just messy. It's part of being creative :) That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!