Friday, July 24, 2009

red boots with green frogs

I have added two new original paintings from my sinking series and a print of each as well to my Etsy shop... also five new pendants, I am also working on some more with works that I am doing specifically to fit the pendants.

(one of the new originals in my shop)

(one of the new pendants)

Thanks for all the comments an emails regarding my last post about the little voices, so good to know I am not alone (Just as well we only hear our own otherwise it would be a very noisy place). Living this creative life is a hard road sometimes, so many people tell me I am lucky I can "draw"... that should be a Tui billboard. I think I have said this before but it really amazes me how my happiness depends on how the creative side of my world is going. The more I think about it the more I realise that it is a strong part of who I am. It has allowed a whole lot of doors to open that might not have otherwise and the joy that comes from sitting at my kitchen table making stuff is well worth the odd moments of loopyness.

Anyway... I bought some new red shoes yesterday! and I love them, they were made in Spain and have this little green label with a frog on it. I just wish I had them at the beginning of winter and not towards the end... I will post a pic next week.

Here is Ben on the evening of his 4th birthday, he was happily pooped and could hardly keep his eyes open, very ready for bed.


Silke said...

Oh, you art is so gorgeous! And your Etsy site looks wonderful. I was wondering if you meant to list one original at $65 and the other at $25. They seem to be the size, so I thought I'd let you know... Someday I'll be able to buy one of your gorgeous paintings!! :) SIlke

Tara said...

You are so prolific! Do you set aside time to paint every day? Also, did it take you a long time to develop your own unique style? I am still struggling with this a bit. x

Julia said...

Hi Katherine,
You are not alone.... heeheehee... cue.. creepy music, I am often looking in to see how you are your work and like to hear all about it...
I decided to get rid of all my shabby chic and roses, (old lady stuff), my artroom, and make it lighter and brighter and introduce brighter colours, and hope to start a new look/style with my art.. and now I have come down with the flu, just as I heaped everything up in piles to eliminate about self sabotage, what does it all mean...I say lieing down and sneezing,etc...Lol...xxxx