Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New pendants

These are some of my new pendants I have been working on over the holidays. I will probably get them listed on Etsy next week some time, I am still waiting for some chain to arrive. I wore the above one to a party last week and I got quite a few compliments.

They settings are a mixture of antiqued silver, patera grande and pewter and then I use a two part resin finish over the top to protect the image.

(waiting for the resin)

I am really trying not to force things at the moment, I seem to give myself such a hard time when I feel I am not doing enough, when things are not good enough etc... I think it is true that we can be our own biggest critic. I am finding lately that I talk myself out of trying so many things and my reasoning for this is that it will be a waste of time.

It is like I have two little beings sitting on my shoulders, one loudly telling me that every idea I have is stupid and a waste of time and the other one softly whispers "maybe you should give it a go"? It reminds me of the add on TV for instant kiwi "You should get a perm Douglas... get a perm" Well I think I am going to try listening to the soft whispers...

Why do I internally beat myself up like this?... self doubt is a nasty thing. I don't think I am the person I should be. The me I see in my head is not the me I am, if that makes sense. I want to be the me in my head and every now and again I think I am but it doesn't last for long. I see someone else that is doing a better job at being me then I am. Good grief I sound like a fruit loop!

Anyway... other news is that the painting I did for the last giveaway I had last month has gotten lost! I feel bad but Tara has been very understanding and I am going to do her a replacement.

Two of Polarity
's pendants have sold with my images on them!!! so very exciting, her shop is s must to see, so very clever.


Art by Sascalia said...

I know how you feel I suffer from bouts of self doubt myself and sometime waste a lot of time pondering what to do next when I could just go for it!

Art by Sascalia said...

Oh, I forgot to say I love the new pendants!!!

stickytiki said...

Oh that self doubt is such and artist thing..I suffer from it a lot...it is really annoying, because it can hold you back on things..and I too feel like I ponder too then beat myself up because I haven' done enough!! AND there really are not enough hours during the day. Also Katherine you have to remember you are doing something with your art, there's a lot of people out there that have let it go! Oh yeah I love your pendants too, they are fantastic!! x

Russet said...

Love the pendants. The colours in the images so suits the the metal of the pendant. Delicious.

Funny how what we do, as artists, can seem so insignificant to ourselves and yet so significant to others. I wonder if this is the true nature of art,; we are living it and therefore do not see how much our visions give meaning and sustiance to the viewers. Ours is a visual art and living food for the eyes and therefore the soul. If we do not do feed our talent and our souls by creating, I believe we starve ourselves and in the process starve others.
You hang in there, your work feeds me.
Thinking of you
Anne Michelle

risa said...

I agree with everyone else...I think as artists we have a tendency to doubt ourselves. There seems to be such a fine line between making art that we love and wanting to make art that others love. Hopefully they are one and the same!

Great work!

erin carver said...

I regularly have those same two little beings sitting on my shoulders, saying different things - it's comforting to know that this seems to be the norm amongst us, that we are not alone in our feelings of self doubt! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this Katherine, it rang great bells of familiarity and is a true reminder that we all need to be more gentle on ourselves.

The pendants are gorgeous! Love the first one especially - can't wait to see them in your esty shop!

Bluebell said...

These are really pretty

Tara said...

I've talked for years about a little someone (the bad me) sitting on my shoulder and saying mean things to me. I'm trying to cut down on the mean things I say to myself; it's quite horrifying how many times I catch myself telling myself I'm an idiot or whatever, for really tiny things! I think it's an ongoing process!

Gorgeous pendants, and I'm newly excited about my painting! Yay! xx

~Valentina~ said...

I just found your blog via Kelly Rae, and I *LOVE* it!

I know how you feel! I think we always have those moments of self doubt... I was talking with my sister in law about that yesterday. I'm trying my best to don’t be so hard at myself... It's not easy, right?

tangled sky studio said...

Hi Katherine,
I feel that way lots...especially when trying to create something new or branch out a bit. It seems to take many mistakes to get to that ah-ha moment...but that is the creative process. I've been working to let those feelings go and think less as I work. Here is a great bit of inspiration:
"The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience." Emily Dickinson

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Oh so much to say! Well, you are going to get more than quite a few compliments on these . . . they are remarkable and delicious!

The rest of your writing in this post . . . welcome to the world of being an artist my dear. You just described 99% of us better than we could ourselves. So not only are you a talented artist, but you are a great writer and analyst too. It took me awhile to feel comfortable saying I was an artist but the proof in the punch was when I realized I critique myself just like the artists I admired did and it came so naturally. We find some kind of driving force, some kind of compulsion in that dichotomy you described. So welcome! If you had any little doubt before, you should know you sound and look just like a real artist with talent! And, you are more talented than you know or at least let on that you know! You are not a fruit loop. You are an artist through and through.

(I sound so confident and know-it-all which is so unlike me!)

Sharyn said...

Oh I just bought one and I CANNOT wait to get it!