Monday, September 14, 2009

thought number 29...

I had been given the gift of good luck and I have cursed it, cursed it by being my stupid self. That was my first thought anyway. The next 27 thoughts were a little more specific... how I had actually gone about wrecking the luck of the precious four leaf clover I had found pressed in a book I'd bought at a garage sale.

Now I am not sure if there is any etiquette I should have been told after becoming the sudden owner of a four leaf clover, if there is it would have been rather helpful. Since owning the said four leaf clover my life has been turned upside down and inside out. I have been left confused, angry, scared and hurt... really hurt. Surely new four leaf clover owners shouldn't be feeling like this? Then I had thought number 28... I had found a four leaf clover pressed in a book. How long it had been there... I will never know. But I found it, like it was waiting for me, meant for me. Thought number 28 was swiftly followed by number 29... Maybe this very hard thing that has happened is something that has to happen for the good luck to start. And maybe years from now I will look back at this precise moment and say well that was lucky.

Not that I think relationships are based on luck, I know it takes a lot of hard work. A lot. But I think it must be good luck if you're able to meet and recognise a soul mate in this world.

Now don't get me wrong I don't really think my four leaf clover was behind the break up of my relationship. I guess I was trying to make light out of the confusion that is life sometimes. If I didn't do this I would be a crying mess curled up in bed for days on end, possibly even months? The most important thing now is to work together to make this an easier thing for Ben to cope with.

Someone said to me... It doesn't matter what happens to you in life it is how you deal with it that matters.

(who is the fairest of them all)

I went away on the art retreat this weekend, and what good luck the timing of that was. I was really ready for a bit of time out, switching off all the thoughts and worries that have been churning around in my mind for the last few weeks. I got lots done and meet some really lovely women... we all had such a good time.

The above painting is the start of a new series of works that came about last week after reading Tara's lovely blog about a book by Brian Andreas... I just loved his stories and one in particular had a line that stirred something in me "I am much more then a princess". I had been thinking of doing a series of very special girls, with very interesting and unusual lives. Girls who are princess like... but I had never thought of them being more then that. So the image above is the first of these in progress.

The last thing I need to say today is a big thank you to all the lovely supportive comments and emails I have had over the last few weeks. They really gave me strength and filled my heart. (I am not actually sure what happened to the original post I did on the 1st September but somehow it got deleted)?


Jackie said...

" all endings are beginnings in disguise"

Diva Kreszl said...

Keeping you in my prayers! The blessing has yet to reveal itself to you but it's there.

tangled sky studio said...

hi have the strenght of many women and all our energy waiting to hear you see you and encourage you. (maybe blogging is like your real four leaf clover...)


Anonymous said...

I am sending all my happy thoughts and warm wishes your way. I really like the first girl in your new series.

My Mom finds four leaf clovers all the time, just walking along. It is one of her many special gifts. If the current clover you have is not working out... if you need or want to try a new one, just let me know :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Katherine,

I'm wishing you luck and love and happiness and a way through the hurt that you're in right now.

You can do this. You're stronger than you know.

Gentle hugs,

Lynda said...

Hi Katherine,

Lynda here from the retreat.I am sorry to read this.Good luck for a healing path.
Take care.
I had a great time at the retreat too.
So great to meet you and Anne Michelle.Your inspirational creations are so awesome.take care.


Tara said...

Hey Katherine, I'm so pleased that my post helped you feel inspired, and what a beautiful piece! I don't have any words of wisdom - I have a hopeless relationship track record, but you can see we're all thinking of you and wishing you Good Things. x

Carine b said...

I don't understand averything but i can only say "That don't kill us,reinforce us".I don't know if I'm clear but it's approximatly that.About your last picture i must say that red suits you so well,i love it like all your work...Be pride of you & protect you.Kisses

Silke said...

Oh, honey, I can't believe I missed all your upheaval while being away. I am so sorry that you are having to go through this and are hurting so badly! I can see your strength and a change in you in your new art - so beautiful. I love the richness of the colors and there's a new depth that really speaks to me. Sending you lots of lucky thoughts and much love!!! Hugs, Silke

erin carver said...

So lovely to see you back here Katherine, our thoughts are all with you. I am so glad you enjoyed the art retreat and I love your new painting, she is beautiful. Look after yourself and take your time - remember your own lovely quote from one of my favourites of your girls - sadness flies away on the wings of time. Kia kaha, stay strong. : )

Poppy Q said...

Katherine, I love your new work, she looks so devine surrounded in red.

Sending you a wee hug.

Dionne said...

You have a real Four Leafed clover? And you found it in a book?!!! Wow!

I am sorry that things have been chaotic for you. I am sure things will look up soon. The rollercoaster has to come back up eventually, right?

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