Thursday, February 11, 2010

3 comfy things and a worry...

(when I was little... I had a rabbit)

I have an exhibition in October and I am starting to think about it, starting to get excited about it and starting to panic about it (I am well organised with my panic and am starting early).   I'm thinking of doing all the works the same size, I know this will annoy some people but it will be a great comfort to me.  I am wondering whether other people have favourite sizes they like to work with? or does anything go?  My favourite is 13mmx 300mm at the moment. 

I've just got the disk with my images for the greeting cards done and ready to post away... I just hope it all goes well...

I have a get together tomorrow night with my monthly art group... am looking forward to seeing these people, talking with these people and just being with these people.  Ben is a little bit excited about the get together as it is at our house and he has a few plans, he is going to be the baker and will be baking Christmas food, he's going to set up gates around the house so our guests know where to go and where they are not allowed to go (meaning his baking area).  He has also drawn a map of these gates which includes a rhino for some reason?  But unfortunately I had to use the map to get rid of a white tail (a spider that can be a little nasty) last night, it was the closest thing on hand and I had to be super efficient and quiet about it as Hannah is dead scared of spiders, luckily she was in her own 16 year old world and didn't notice a thing.  I just hope we can cope tomorrow night without the map.


Poppy Q said...

Good luck with your lovely art evening. Your new girls are awesome, there is something vulnerable about them, like they have a little secret.

Julie Q

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

I love your new girls too! I love the innocence of them all!
Have fun at your art thingy, sounds fun!

softearthart said...

I did have a giggle about Ben and his gates, cheers and "May his baking days continue " Cheers Marie

chrissy said...

besides being an amazing artist...
you are so funny!
and ben sounds hilarious too.
i need gates in my home too.
good luck.
i am envious that you have an art group.
i.m going to an art retreat next thursday in california with kelly rae roberts and mati rose.
i am excited for that.
have a wonderful heart weekend.
thanks for sharing your talent.

Flor Larios Art said...

Love this one!