Thursday, July 22, 2010

some sort of vitamin...

During our flying lessons, Kelly Rae posted a link to Simon Sinek’s video, where he talks about the why of what we do.  I have been thinking about this a lot since seeing the video and I am really finding it hard to put the why into words, so here are my thoughts so far...

Making things is something I have always done, it is a part of who I am and it feels more like a need than anything else.  I guess for me it is one of the basics needs, food, water, shelter etc... the room to create sits right up there.  I know when I don't fill that need for a length of time it feels like I am deficient in some sort of vitamin.

 Being creative is like the vitamin supplement that my body craves... it makes me happy, it settles me, calms me and it makes me feel good about myself.  Maybe that is why I am doing this... because it is good for me. So then if it is good for me then maybe what I create is good for you too?  Maybe I have created my girls to make people a little bit happy...  I have created my own vitamin supplement and I am going to call it vitamin y.


softearthart said...

Oh yes indeed, I certainly love my dose of vitamin y, it perks me up no end and makes me smile. cheers Marie

NatashaMay said...

I love this analogy with the vitamin. :) Adorable painting.

Cadi said...

I love me some vitamin y. :-)

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danasparkle said...

sometimes it doesn't matter why, just keep doing it. to look at this little reindeer girlie and her ghosty bunny buddy makes me happy. swim in your creative tonic.

lori diane said...

So true! Love this post!

chrissy said...

katherine... missed you.
i just read through your tutorials and was blown away.
you are so flippin TALENTED girlfriend.
i already knew that of course, but it is so fascinating to me to see all the steps that an artist takes along the way to produce their works.
thank you so much for sharing.
your work DOES make me happy and i for one, am so grateful that you share it.

Amelia said...

love the concept of vitamin 'y'. It's so true. I definitely feel art has saved my sanity several times over in the last few years, particularly when times are really tough . . . . I think it's an urge we all have and some honour it whilst others try hard to surpress it, but it does bursting out doesn't it?


Cadi said...

Sorry for causing you hayfever in the middle of winter. :-) said...

oh! i love your why.

it took me a long time to come up with my why as well.

i don't know why it's so hard to put into words... but it is.

and your vitamin y is wonderful!!

Jacqueline said...

I LOVE your idea of vitamin! It's sooo true ~ "Being creative is like the vitamin supplement that my body craves"!! I am very inspired by you sweet friend! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!


scrapwordsmom said...

Oh yes. I love this and agree. Creating is my own little happy pill:)


patty said...

I truly believe everyone needs a little dose of this vitamin but some people just don't know it yet. Love the analogy!!