Monday, September 27, 2010

Porangahau Spring Fair...

First of all... I just want to say thanks to those who let me know their opinions on my tutu girl, it was really helpful to get a different view point.  It can be hard when you are close to a piece of work and good to see it though fresh eyes.  I have decided to have no tutu (which was the way I was probably going to go before I asked your help) but I will save the abandoned tutu for another painting in the near future.  Thanks again you guys.

The Porangahau craft fair was... well, it was windy, now when I say windy I mean like gale force gusts kind of windy!!!  I had to hold down my two easels and pendant stand the whole time I was there.  Although the wind did die down a bit in the middle of the day, there was still the odd gust that would suddenly come unannounced causing things to go flying all over again.  It was quite exhausting... But apart from the wind it was a good day, quite a few people came through and I meet some really lovely people, even someone who said she reads my blog, so sweet.  It was also great to share the experience with fellow New Zealand Handmade members Mel, Kya and Joy.

Here is a picture of my table (I took 7 photos, and this is the only one that looked half way decent).  I took the photo just after we set up and it wasn't too bad, wind wise, it actually looked quite promising, little did we know what was to come.  

It was really interesting to see what people liked, what they were drawn to, what they requested more of, what nearly ran out and what didn't even get a look in.   I really enjoyed talking with the people who came by my stall, nice to hear their positive encouragement and to meet people who had bought some of my work at other venues and recognised it as they walked by.

It has encouraged me to do a little thinking on a few new display ideas for the Hawkes Bay Design Market on November 21st.  


Diane said...

This is one of the reasons why I like to do shows becasue of the feedback that you get back from shoppers. They help you find out what to stay with and what to change (if you want) Plus--just getting out there and talking to live people about your art :)
P.S. Ooooh--that dreaded wind!!!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a good experience in spite of the wind. :) I hope you sold truck loads!

I love your chandelier girl! The crackly background is wonderful!

jenny said...

What a gorgeous display of your wonderful girls...glad you had a good day despite the wind...

Jenny x

rachel awes said...

love your girl
near a chandelier!!
& love the glimpse
of your collection
at that windy table!
even the winds
want to be near
all your scrumptiousness!

danasparkle said...

i love the dragonfly & sky. the whimsical cloud is my fave.
gr8 market story.

chrissy said...

i only wish i could have blown in with the wind to sit at your little table of wonderfulness.
so happy it was a success for you...

Jacqueline said...

I am loving your Chandelier girl! Oh and your table at the fair looks wonderful and fill with so many yummie goodies! Wish i could join you there! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!


patty said...

Katherine, your set-up looks adorable. I can bet that you had many admirers! They don't always buy, but it's fun to get some positive feedback. I have been there with the wind - oh yes, it's a bummer, but not as bad as rain!!