Tuesday, January 4, 2011

not entirely sure...

{I will list the above original collage painting and 3 others in my etsy shop and another 4 in my felt shop in the next few days}

I have heard of a few people who are starting the new year with a word to live by instead of a list of resolutions. So I have been thinking of a word and... well, I kind of come up with three that are sort of related.


The truth is... I need to get some guts... I don't like change, I get nervous around new people {I am pretty sure I can come off a little odd on first meeting because of this}, I over think situations before they even happen and I will more often than not say no because I don't think I will be able to do what is requested.

I am not entirely sure how I am going to go about making these three words a part of my everyday life yet, but I will keep them in mind as I head into 2011.


danasparkle said...

i think we must have been separated at birth! hee hee
for me a word, or 3 is more do-able than a daunting list of resolutions. i send you courage and the spirit of a warrior princess this year.
: )


Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

holding the words is the start. i'm sure you'll be amazed at the impact that just having intention creates.

happy new year.

i'm still loving these gorgeous houses that you're doing.

Cate said...

Perfect words for a new year, and love the collage.

(Visiting via KMB, but a long time lurker / admirer! )


jenny said...

Love your three words Katherine... and your new collage is divine...
I am sure there is power just in consciously choosing our words...
good for you :)))

Jenny x

Lisa Gallup said...

I'm a regular reader of your blog but have never commented. I too pick a word. Year before last it was "resourceful" - I challenged myself to USE what I HAD. Last year it was fearless! That one word has become my LIFE WORD. I even got it tattooed on my wrist so I can see it everyday. I will probably pick another word for this year as soon as it finds me. I'm thinking "declutter" lol. But FEARLESS is my word for life. :) I hope your words inspire you to greatness! :)

softearthart said...

To say Yes, one must be Brave and have no Fear. You have all these qualities Katherine. You are stronger than what you think. You are also very gentle, gentleness combined with strength are excellent qualities to go forward with into the new year. cheers Marie

Catherine... said...

Am so glad I found your blog... love your art..

Tara said...

When we met I thought you were perfectly normal and lovely! Then again I'm not exactly normal myself...

The trick with the word(s) I think is to just hold it, as Cathy says, and not turn it into another stick to beat yourself with. You'll probably find when you look back at this year in December the words turned up in all sorts of ways even if you weren't thinking about them! Already since I chose mine for this year it's popping up EVERYWHERE!


chrissy said...

i love your three words my dear.
i am sure they will find their own way into your life and your heart and your year!

happy new year!

eva diva said...

Brave, Fearless and Yes are beautful words! Somehow courage is one of my words, being an artists and a geek, I don't think 3 words is even enough to be in my spiritual vocabulary!

I too get nervous ard new people and new situations, but i think expressing myself in my art has enabled me to be braver! Artists are just fearless people at the end of the day because they dare to paint and let it be seen!

Am still finding all my words, happy enw year to you!

Catherine... said...


I have given you Stylish Blogger Award :-) It works like tag post. Just tell 7 things about yourself and pass it on to 15 other blogs that you like.

You can check my post and see if you want to play along :-)

Jenny Lee Wentworth said...

In the very wise words of Christopher Robin, "You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."
Recognizing what you want/need is the first step to getting it. :)

Eves Studio said...

The buzz must be containgeous, because i here in Fayetteville ar heard about choosing a word also....my painting is not quite done yet with my new word of the year....but yours is remarkable.....i love love this painting....cant wait to visit etsy and buy a print!!!!

SuzyJaneB said...

What a great idea, because in fact, I am kinda anti-New Years resolutions (blogged about it even a wee while ago), but choosing some words seems much more agreeable to me :) So I am going to use the words I had (also coincidentaly) engraved on a ring I now wear constantly, it says 'Trust Yourself'. I realised this is how I got here today, making decisions, taking risks, trusting myself to deal with whatever might happen. I had been forgetting to do it lately, so now I can see the words every day. I do believe its having quite an influence :)