Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I have been spending the last week making a few new pendants and as you can see from the picture above, it all looks like a bit of a muddle.  Which is actually an accurate picture of how my brain feels at the moment... I have so many things on the go, partly finished, I sit at my kitchen table looking at the mess wondering where to start.  When I do start I flit from one project to the other and don't really get anything done.  Is anyone else feeling this way lately...?

I think I might have to start making a well thought out prioritised list...

  • finish off the last works for gallery in Wellington
  • finalise pendant designs and finish them off for the gallery in Wellington
  • go to an exhibition opening on Friday night and then catch up with a few arty friends afterwards
  • decide on designs and make some more pendants to take to two local galleries to pick from
  • do a piece of work for the online course I am taking... get your paint on before Sunday
  • Ring up and order the wooden panels for the two new galleries that want works ready to hang and not how I would normally do them
  • transfer more money onto my credit card to do the above
  • readjust the sizes of works to fit the new wooden panels
  • do 12 works to fit the new sizes from above... (there will be a whole other list that goes with this wee job)
  • decide on designs and make another lot of pendants to send to the two new galleries
  • list some of my new mini prints on felt
  • list some new pendants on etsy
  • find my doily stamp and have a play with it
  • get some more #709 chalk pastels
  • do some new houses
So that will be my list so far... and hopefully on completing the above I will feel a little less muddled.  I also think starting back at work this week with procedures and practices that are still a little unknown and new is adding to the state of my muddled brain.  But I am remembering one of my words for the year... {brave} and am surging onwards nodding my head saying 'yes I can'.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm a big list! You have a lot going on! If it makes you feel better I don't work and have not completed *anything* for get your paint on.

Your package arrived yesterday *SQUEAL****** WOW! Thank you SO MUCH!!!!! I LOVE everything! WOW. EVERYTHING!

softearthart said...

My a big list, but like you said, it is amazing what happens when you are brave and say yes to life, you find the time and the energy to do things well. cheers Marie

chrissy said...

hi sweet friend.
i am soooo happy you are taking mati;s class. i love her. i hope she does some video tutorial so you can see just how LOVELY she is!
can.t wait to see what you create.

Anonymous said...

Just blogged about YOU.

SaraLynn said...

I just found your work on Pipi La La - I adore your style! These necklaces are gorgeous.

Good luck with that to-do list!

yaya said...

I hopped over from PiPi and your work is as sweet as hers! The "to do" list made me laugh...over achiever?? Well, good luck with it and with going back to work.

Tara @ Aquamarine Art said...

Dude I TOTALLY know what you are saying in that first paragraph. And my list is pretty much as long as yours I reckon. And here I am following links and eating jaffa cakes! Didn't realise you were doing GYPO (or maybe I did and just forgot!) - haven't started mine either but got some ideas bubbling. Anyway, don't panic, lots of us are in the same boat, and according to Parkinson's Law it will all get done, so no worries! xx

Lorrie Everitt Studio said...

my to-do list is similar to yours! I have way too much on my list that I have to do and my head wants some creative play time! I have a feeling the creative time is going to come later in the week. Love the necklace charms ... they are beautiful!