Thursday, July 26, 2012

big big big painting...

I have been filling my brain and time the last few months with Flora Bowley's Bloom True course.  Being such a small, tight painter it was quite scary to be face to face with a 750mm square canvas!!!  But the way Flora guided us through her process it was quite liberating and so nice to know there was no such thing as a mistake. 
after layer 1 & 2
after layer 3
after layer 4
after layer 5 & 6

after layer 7 & 8

after layer 9

after layer 10

Unfortunately I didn't take any shots of the layers that made up the following painting, so this is as far as I have gotten with this one...  I have called her 'little red'.

Can you see the wolf in the background?

I really love the bit on the bottom left hand side of this one.


Katie said...

That is FABULOUS!!! Is it scary painting over all the other layers?? There is so much amazing stuff in the other layers, and I'm always afraid I might cover something I like. :)

Louise said...

Wow! You are so brave!!! I think this must have been quite a challenge to do. As an artist I am sure we all want to keep our work. Thank goodness for photography! I am fascinated by the process of change in your work. It's really wonderful! Quite spiritual, in a sense. Of revealing oneself. :)

Isabel said...

Awesome process and painting:O)

softearthart said...

Wonderful Katherine, cheers Marie

Nolwenn said...

I know how painting big can be scary but once you tackled it, it feels amazing !
I love your process, how each step is a bold move regarding the previous one.
I love her and her wolf.

Lucy Chen said...

wow, such a transformation!

Anne-Marie said...

Katherine, I love it! Such a change between the first and last layers. The first couple of layers don't look much like your style but they seem to get progressively more you. It looks like you are having a lot of fun with this painting course.

Judy Grupp Studio said...

"Liberating" I love your description - I might steal it!
Love the painting too - I know it took guts to cover all that interesting stuff you had going on - but the end result is so worth it1