Friday, April 4, 2008

I like it here can I stay?

I remember as a kid not wanting to have a bath, I liked the dirt it reminded me of the day, the smell of my grass stained knees and little bits of blood and scratches here and there.... BUT once I was in there I didn't want to get out (like all kids). I also remember sharing baths with other kids. When some of Mum and Dads friends would come over at the end of the day they would shove us all into the bath together before pj time.

a close up... I am not sure weather they have actually put any water in the bath or not?

Maybe they are having a "dry clean" as my Grandmother would call it.
She used to have one of those medic alert buttons around her neck that you press in case of an emergency. One day my mother got a call to say the alarm had been activated. When my Mum let herself into my grandmothers house she could hear giggles coming from the end of the house she found my grandmother sitting fully clothed in the bath, laughter tears streaming down her cheeks... she had hoped into the bath with her clothes on to make sure she could get out before she went in naked... well she couldn't get out. She said she was having a dry clean. I do miss her.


Shawn said...

I love your art? What medium is it? This one in particular speaks to me with two girls in the bath each night ... it can be a little more chaotic than this picture! : )

Have you set up an Etsy shop? I'd buy this for my girls bathroom.

Thanks for visiting my blog. It's great to meet you!

justagirl said...

thanks Shawn

I am thinking about setting up an etsy shop, it all seems a bit scary and I think I would like to get a body of work together first.

I mainly use printing inks, and shellac, with a bit of acrylic and silk tissue.

thanks for your comments