Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Where to now?

I have finished all the works I have had on the go, filled all the galleries orders and now have time to concentrate on some new works... works I was so passionate about a few weeks ago. But now I don't know if what I am doing is the right thing, why am I thinking that putting works onto canvas is better? what is wrong with works on paper?

I guess it comes down to people wanting framed finished works... but it hasn't really been a problem in the past, people are more then happy to buy my work unframed. I like the look of them on the canvas frames, but I do worry that they are just pieces of paper stuck to a frame.

I am also thinking of selling on etsy at some stage and that worries me too.

All a bit of a worry today.


Russet said...

I so enjoy your new ideas looking for different places find their space.

I suppose I think there is no such thing as wrong or better, just different. Different ideas and different ways of looking at those ideas.
Exploration and discover. What wonders are these.

I remember hearing, in a design tutorial, that the joins are where design meet art. That the joining of the two different pieces was where the creation of new ideas began. These are the spaces that open up to the flow of possibility.

Take courage my artist friend maybe this is an expansion of ideas and widens your marketing base.

Enjoy your exciting space filled with possibilities, have fun and play. I believe experience already evident in the work looks for it's own expression.

Danita said...

I don't know why are you worried at all. Your paintings are beautiful and I'm sure that on either format you'll be a success on Etsy!
Love, love your work!