Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Not sure whether I prefer these new mouths on my girls or the old scratched ones below?

The full lips look more real, but the eyes are weird, might need some more practice on those. Gives them a different personality then the scratched ones. Not as friendly? could be the odd eye wear she chose to wear? My daughter said they don't look like my girls anymore.

I do like the old scratched mouths, and the eyes, maybe because they are familiar?

The mouths are scratched and stitched because I didn't want them to talk, but now maybe it is time for them to speak if they want to...?

I guess it is like my new black shoes I bought, I wasn't sure of them when I first got them but the more I wear them the more I love them... they are familiar now.

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bella said...

I love this, that maybe it is time for them to speak now.
such provocative images here.
Even with mouths stitched shut, they "speak" to me.