Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Wild Food Festival went really well... everyone had a great time and the rain held off for pretty much most of the evening. My box looked good on the table with all the other dishes. It was different this year, not so many wild foods as such, there were more normal dishes with creatively wild titles. There was a live band, a dance floor and lots of people I knew. It was good to catch up with some I hadn't seen for ages and also good to talk to people I had seen every day that week.

The craft market went well, I had a slightly sore head and was rather tired (we didn't get to bed till about 2ish) so it was hard getting out of bed really early after a long night. There were heaps of people at the market, I meet a few from other parts of New Zealand that were keen to have my work in their galleries... it is something I think we should have more of in Hawke's Bay.

Started on a few new pieces yesterday.... oh yeah I didn't have to do my jury service as they had a case that they thought was going to take longer then the week (also it is a short week as it is labour weekend and Hawke's Bay anniversary day) so they didn't want to hold people up over the long weekend. Yay yay yay!!!

The new piece I have been working on features a few Nikau Palms...

(Nikau Palm endemic to New Zealand)

I have been quite busy lately getting works done for the galleries I supply, it is that time of the year I guess. But it is a good feeling being so busy in a creative way. I also have the Christmas sales coming up next month so have a lot to do to get ready for that.


Michele Maule said...

Love the Nikau Palms!

Sounds like a very busy weekend.

I hope to visit New Zealand some day...
I did a report on it in the third grade, and ever since I have wanted to visit :)

tangled sky studio said...

does this girl look more like you or am i crazy? maybe the palms give her a sense of place...i love it!

carine b. said...

Amazing this Nikau Palms,and your your girl is so beautiful (i'd like to say other comments but your girls really inspired me,calm and bliss & happiness that i can't say anything else).I'm like you i love being in my world ,working & working that's the real life...Happy week & "see" you tomorrow???