Friday, October 17, 2008

wild food festival

Tomorrow is the Annual Wild Food Festival in our neighbourhood. It started out as a small pot luck dinner about 5 years ago and is now a huge 200 - 300 people event. The object is for everyone to bring a plate of wild food. They have had breast milk muffins, really strange stews and weird and wacky dishes based on local current events etc...

I have made this box and covered it with my paintings. The idea is that you have to put your hand in the top and you don't know what you are going to scoop out. The thought is going to be more scary then actually doing it as it'll be filled with marshmellows. To make them wild I am going to draw wild faces on the marshmellows with a food colouring pen.

This is a new painting that is now in my etsy shop... I have used it to make some new business cards (I love making business cards) for a craft fair that I am involved in on Sunday.

I have jury service next week, I am hoping I wont be picked.


carine b. said...

and happy to see you again!!!It's a good idea you 've got with your mysterious box which is very beautiful!!!I love your last picture with her new vegetal???Hope you'll have a good weekend & see you soon!!!

Brandon said...

Love the Mysterious beautiful box! Your work is so sweet! Wow a Wild Food Festival sounds cool! Have a great weekend

Megan Chapman said...

I hope you don't get called for jury duty.. : )

beautiful work.

thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. So glad you can relate.

Russet said...

I loved you 'box' , LOLOL.....Thank you so much Katherine, your loving words of friendship are giving me a new picture of who I am and a sense of great warmth. I loved my time with you both over the Wild food festival and will treasure my memories.

JuliaRose said...

Hi Katherine,
I have just found you thru Etsy,
I love your work, so pretty and the cols I love...Perhaps it's because I am an ex Kiwi...I love that you are adding flora from NZ...your pics are so delicate and unique.
I love the box you will prob get offers to sell it after the event....wld love to have seen photos of the actual "wild" mushmallows...
I will visit yr blog again!...and am adding you to my loist of fav bloggers and artists.xx