Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I love Wellington

I had another wonderful time in Wellington... We were worried about the weather but it was perfect, a bit moody at times (I like a bit of that every now and again) but mostly sunny. We stayed in a cute back packers in Paekakariki where they have little penguins nesting under the deck. We caught the train into town to watch the Phoenix, they lost their game. Most disappointing as they tried very hard at the end but I think a bit more effort earlier in the game might have been a better result. oh well...

We went shopping and I bought this beautiful bag... I love bags.

it is red and orange on the back and has the perfect amount of pockets on the inside and a zipped closing one on the back, I am in love.

Was the best labour weekend in a long time...

Now time to get back into work again, I have nearly finished printing out all my work for the Christmas sales. They start November 18th so I have a bit of time to get things sorted and ready.


Russet said...

So glad you love Wellington as it is my most favorite big smoke. Wow Paekakariki, fancy you being there, my old haunts, we must have a discussion about it.
beautiful bag, just yummy colours.
Cos christmas sales already.

tangled sky studio said...

fabulous colors on the bag and i'm happy to hear you had a great weekend. i am a big fan of unsunny days...i find them more inspiring and productive!

carine b. said...

I love bags too & yours is really beautiful!!!

artslice said...

A super cute purse! You are so organized to be that 'ahead' when getting ready for a Christmas sale... those dates really sneak up fast.

Michele Maule said...

That bag is so cute!!
I love bags too and have quite a collection of them.

Sounds like a great weekend!

Can you believe Christmas is next month? I need to get some work done too!