Monday, May 11, 2009

Two girls in Brighton

We've had a bit of a thing in Napier on Thursday and through the weekend... A man with a gun shot and killed a policeman and wounded two others and a civilian after they tried to search his house for drugs. He had been holed up in his house for 50 hours and they had to cordon off streets, the whole town was on police alert. Rather scary, I heard gunshots on Friday afternoon as the police tried to retrieve the body of the slain policeman, which was lying on the lawn where he had fallen... they didn't get to him till Saturday afternoon. Really horrible for the policeman's family. Anyway all is over now and although some people are still not allowed to go back to their homes as the police are still investigating the scene, life for us is getting back to normal.

(I like it here can I stay)

I had Brighton on my mind when doing these two last week... There is a different light in England to what we have here in Hawke's Bay, ours is a little more intense. These two are a bit smaller then the last series I did, but have longer bodies.

People have been commenting on how or whether my work will change after my trip... I am not sure that it will so much, I think it will be the things in the background may change more? the buildings, the colours, the sky, landmarks??? will be interesting to see.

I have decided to keep up with the two paintings a week that I did before we went away, it is good to have a small goal each week to work towards. I have also booked in an exhibition next year in October so I am looking forward to that, nice enough distance away that it still seems like a really good idea.

I went to see the Topp twins movie on Friday night with a few friends, was good, I came out feeling proud to be a kiwi.

One last thing, Happy Birthday to the best Mum in the world and in space!!!


Brenda said...

We heard all about the shooting episode - how scary. I was thinking about you too, knowing you live in Napier. Love your two new girls, they are gorgeous.

Silke said...

That's scary with the shooting! Glad it's all over for you. I just love your art and these two look so delicate! Love the colors!! :)

Carine b said...

Glad to see you & such a good travel really suits you well...those two lasts girls are so cute & of course those colours are so sweet & so Katherine...poetic & romantic!!BRAVooooo!!!!

Shawn said...


I'm finally getting around to framing that lovely piece you sent me last year. I am so excited. I can't wait to get it back!

When it returns, to celebrate, I'm going to give away the print in a contest on my blog -- of course, giving you lots of props along the way.

Sorry about the shooting. A 9 yr old girl was shot and killed in our city Sunday, on Mother's Day, in a drive-by gang-related shooting. Very sad day here as well. We're all in a shock and in fear of what is probably going to be a very deadly summer.

sarah said...

I know what you mean about your work changing, I decided to start doing some painting outdoors. We'll see if it affects my colors...

justagirl said...


wow... the shooting made the news in Australia! thanks for you comments.


Thanks, I am glad it is over too...


Thank you for your kind words.


I am sad to hear about the girl who was killed in your town on Mother's day.

I a glad you are getting the painting framed... and what a good idea to give the print away.


will be interested to see how the outdoors affects your work.