Tuesday, May 19, 2009

a week in May

My head has been full of bugs this weekend... they don't seem to be getting any better or any worse, just hanging out in my head.

(don't wait another day)

(I'm going where the weather suits my clothes)

Well, these are last weeks pieces... I started doing some smaller ones but they just weren't working so on Thursday I went back to the format I used for the Brighton girls and I am liking the longness of them. I have always had the idea that images in the background or above the girls heads are connected to their thoughts.
This idea came from a few lines from a Barbara Kingsolver book that I think I have blogged about before, but here it is again:

"she sits up in bed to get a closer look at her thoughts which have collected above her in the dark"

It really conjurers up good images in my head. So anyway, lately I have been using words inside thought bubbles instead of images. I like the look of the pure white speech bubble thoughts, will be interesting to hear any thoughts on this new idea.

I have been reading Sarah Ahearn's Blog lately and I like her idea of listing 8 things about her day... as I am a list girl too I have decided to do the same although I am going to list 5 things to start off with.

so today's list of five things:

1... It is warm and sunny today. I read in the weekend paper that with two weeks till winter we are having warmer weather then the Northern hemisphere going into summer.

2... My paintings arrived safely in Timaru for the annual plunket auction in June, such a relief!

3... Getting my pieces framed for the above show made me realise that I can't actually afford my own art work... how sad is that.

4... My daughter is nearly 16 and I am a few years away from 40... how on earth did that happen???

5... It is coming up to 1 year since I started selling on Etsy!!! I might have to have a giveaway to celebrate.


Silke said...

Those are two beautiful pieces! I love how long they are and the muted colors! The "I'm going to where the weather suits my clothes" made me laugh! I love that Kingsolver quote and your list - I'm a few years beyond 40 and wonder, too, how on earth that's possible...:) Silke

lilylovekin said...

I came to your site through Silke's blog. Your paintings are lovely, I love the colors,and how you used printed paper as a collage background. I also love the quote. Using words is a favorite of mine and I loved how you used them in your paintings.

oksana said...

I was sure that you are no more then 25!:))

Brenda said...

These are as beautiful as ever. The words in the thought bubbles work well.

tangled sky studio said...

i love the long lines of these girls....and the long line of creative women i've met thru etsy...your work is lovely katherine!

blueberries in the fields said...

Hi! i hope you enjoyed your trip to england. i have been really busy and did not have much time to read my favorite blogs, but will come back. i really love your2 new paintings, absolutely lovely.
just dropping by to let you know i am having my second giveaway :)
much goodness to you

K said...

i really like these pieces and congrats on your 1 year! what gave you the courage to finally open an etsy shop and do you recommend it to a newcomer?!?