Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My new addiction

Oh dear... The courier knocked on the door yesterday morning and handed me a parcel containing 140 bezels! I have gone a little nuts with these little things, they are so addictive to make, above are a few I have made so far!

I added the resin last night to six of them before I realised the resin was making the paper go see through so I had to seal the paper image with a varnish first. The resin will take about 2 - 3 days till it is completely dry. I decided to wear one yesterday, it wasn't finished (didn't have the resin on it just the paper collage, but it was a sunny day so I didn't think it would get ruined) and I got a few nice comments.

I showed them to the Gilded leaf picture framers where I have work for sale and she liked them and said I will have to come up with a brand name for them. Interesting idea, will think on that one. She was keen to have them in her shop so will take a few to her next week.

I have just started reading the first in the twilight series, I have seen the movie but am really enjoying the detail the book has that was missing in the movie. It is really nice to have a good book to look forward to at bedtime. It is like looking forward to seeing a good friend... I will be sad when I have finished them I am sure.

I have been writing a mental list of the things I will need while on the art retreat... I think now I might have to start writing an actual one. The thought of pottering with my own thoughts and making stuff, no dealing with teenage problems, no having to look at the new piece of fluff Ben has found (Ben likes collecting fluff). I actually have to look at it, vaguely looking in his direction and saying "oh wow" will not do. Each piece of fluff is unique in it's own right and needs individual attention. No cat meowing to be fed, no meals to be made etc... the list goes on... I can't wait!!!

I hope everyone's week is going well so far...


Silke said...

These pendants look wonderful - each individually, but also as a group like you photographed them. What fun!!

You'll like the Twilight series - I started with the first one and didn't come for air until I finished the last one. They are strangely addictive...

I envy you the art retreat. You'll have such a wonderful time.

Hugs, Silke

Brenda said...

The pendants are lovely - so glad you are enjoying making them. I haven't yet started on the Twilight series, though we have all of them and the children have read them. Haven't seen the movie yet either, I'm a bit behind the times. I always enjoy the books more than the movies. Have a great time at the art retreat - lucky you.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

I love your new addiction! What fun you've had and what fun it is to see! They are all wonderful and love how each is its own little present, its own little self. Lovely!

Tara said...

That fluff story cracked me up. I keep hearing about Twilight but I thought it was for teenagers... might have to investigate. Loving the pendants by the way!x

tangled sky studio said...

hi katherine,
these pendants are gorgeous! i love the colors and the combination of patterns you are using. i can see how these would be very addictive to make and am very interested in the process (for the future of course....). i am busy unpacking and exploring but can't wait to get back to blogging (it's addictive as well!)


oksana said...

Hi Katherine!
Such a beautiful pendants you made!!! Very unic!
I wish I could be on your art retreat:((

Russet said...

delicious little pendants, so many possibilities and so many combinations.

Smiling to myself, I thought of all your little things you create, how little and delicate and with so many interesting and complex ideas and thoughts enclosed within them and then thought of Ben with his bits of fluff, how complex and unique and how many different ideas were enclosed within them for him, and on a scale of size they would be about the same ratio as his mother's creations; her tiny pieces of artwork....and did I see the mother within the son , oh yes I did, and how wonderful is that! : )

Julia said...

Hi Katherine,
What a wonderful thing to do...I love art retreats, you didnt say which one?..is it in N.Z, or ?....Have a wonderful time, and dont be shy, your art is so good, everyone would be thrilled to meet you!....xx