Friday, August 14, 2009

sadness flies away...

Two more inspire paintings I did last night... the first one is something that I tell myself every now and again, when I need to remember. All things pass in time, good and bad, this is a good reminder for me to hold tight. The second one is an old favourite of mine... and I don't really have anything else to say about this.

(sadness flies away on the wings of time)

(just remember that I'll always love you)

I have started doing a few more little drawings in the backgrounds lately, lines, words, and things, and am enjoying the process. I love doing little doodles, I remember being in a very very boring meeting earlier this year, only made slightly better by being supplied with morning tea. As I looked down at the left over crumbs on my paper plate I started doodling around them, by the end of the meeting I had created a treasure map. Unfortunately the plate was scooped up with the rest of them and put in the recycling bin... so I will never find that treasure, but I think the treasure was in the drawing of the map. A bit like lego, I always enjoyed the making of things rather then playing with the finished creations afterwards.

I won a pair of shoes!!! I joined a loyalty programe at a local shoe shop... Overland, for local readers. I got a letter and vouchers to the value of $199.90 (weird amount don't you think, why not just make it $200)? in the mail yesterday saying my name was picked out as the winner for July! Wow, so I am going after a meeting this afternoon to choose my new free shoes! I wonder if we will have afternoon tea provided in this meeting?


Tara said...

Love the doodles! I'm a massive doodler, although I always tend to do the same little patterns. Looking forward to seeing the shoes too! x

tangled sky studio said...

hi katherine,
lucky you! ( have fun picking out your new shoes). i love the grey and cream in the second is a lovely combination and the sentiment in the 1st piece is great. the doodles and lines draw me into your pieces....happy friday!


Brenda said...

They are both lovely - I am just loving your quotes too. Oh, congrats on the shoes, have fun choosing a new pair.

erin carver said...

Ohhh I love sadness flies away, what a gorgeous quote. Both these pieces are lovely. Very exciting about the shoes, what fun!

lilylovekin said...

I love your paintings and the quote sadness flies away with time-how true. Congratulations on winning the shoes, it will be so much fun picking out a pair. A girl can never have too many shoes!