Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Princess and the pea necklace

Every night the princess finds the pea and adds it to her necklace, they look far better around her neck then giving her a bad nights sleep.

Well back at work again and am getting motivated to get more painting done. Have had a few happy mistakes happen and what I thought were good ideas that have fallen though (what was I thinking)???

My creative mode seems to be coming in fits and starts at the moment (very frustrating) I guess what it's that I don't really get lots of time in a row. There is always things to be done around the house or the kids need me to do something. Which in some ways is good as it can let ideas settle and develop before I put them to paper.


Russet said...

How magic is that... peas to pearls.....pain to pretty....

bella said...

Pea Pearl necklace.
I LOVE it.