Thursday, May 15, 2008

Little Ben

Here is my little baby Ben, I don't have any recent photos of him on my work computer... so these are a little old, he's taller now. And I certainly don't have any recent photos of Hannah, she's 14, nearly fifteen and hates her photo being taken.

I was showing some photos from our holiday to Rotorua to a friend at work and she said there were none of me (I was behind the camera taking the photos).
Then I thought about it and most of my childhood holiday photos were of me and my brother with dad and not mum, she too was behind the camera.

In generations to come will they think those Quinn mothers never went on holidays with their families?


Pherenike said...

Just found your blog through your comment on Kelly Rae's blog.

Where can I get some of those ready to hang Christians? LOL.

Shawn said...

oh, gosh ... he's just adorable. so sweet and innocent. lovely. enjoy the season. fall is my best season.