Wednesday, May 21, 2008

odd numbers

I have had two different people on two separate occasions ask if I have been influenced by the book 'The curious incident of the dog in the night time'.

So I got a copy and my partner thought it looked interesting so proceeded to read 18 pages of it. He then suggested we read it together, so that night as he drifted off to sleep I was to read the first 18 pages to catch up to him... well I couldn't stop at 18 pages and continued to read the rest of most of it (he was most put out the next morning when I told him). I have now finished it...

I can see the connection these people made between the book and my work, but I think I just like odd numbers, I like to look at things in threes, fives, sevens, nines etc... but threes especially. At work we have these rows of grape vines and they are numbered and line up with the car parks. I like to park in an odd one. It makes me briefly happier then if it were even. Oh dear that makes me sound a little odd myself.

If you can get a copy I strongly advise you read it. It is a funny thing the mind and it made me realise what a tough world some of us live in.


Terri said...

well of course you couldn't stop at page's an even number.

bella said...

i love odd numbers too.
and i honestly couldn't tell you why. they just FEEL better. :)
hows that for a little kooky?

Russet said...

Odd numbers when parking...I never thought of that...just so deliciously you......I think what excites me most about the three or odd number thing you talk about, is that you incorporate your understandings into your artwork in a way that is so expressively unique to you. And in doing so I am able to have a little glimpse into the world as you see it. My world comes so much richer and much more interesting seeing and knowing your view. What a gift is that.... Thank you.

Lisa said...

i am a number fanatic - but havent read that particular book. ?? where do you live that it is fall?

justagirl said...

Thanks for you messages:

quite right!!!

I know exactly what you mean, and I like kooky as much as I do odd.

thank you too. Your odd ways make my life very interesting too.

I live in New Zealand on the other side of the world. I find it very hard here in blogland where most people are talking about spring and the impending summer, when I am heading straight for winter at a very fast speed.