Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Threes company

An experiment... I love this paper with the different dots.

These girls, when they are finished, will be part of a set of three for our annual staff print exhibition.

I seem to have a real problem with colour. I love work on etsy where there has been bright colour used and lots of it. But when I come to do my own work I seem to need to dull everything down. The girl on the left has a piece of silk tissue over her dress, I thought this would be good to dull the brightness of the dots... the dots I loved for their brightness moments before. Why am I doing this, what am I scared of?


Russet said...

Strikingly approiate dots seems just right to me for the piece.

I was thinking about what I do when I am scared of the dilemmas of either ors.....I break it down and ask myself questions. Then being scared is no longer the problem. The problem is me wanting to understand what the meaning are. for example. What do bright dots mean?
What does bright colour mean?
What does dull mean?
Now I am able to put these meanings into the context that is my world and my experiences and understandings. Then the gift of what is my creativity and uniqueness amazing is that discovery.......

Danita said...

I think they're perfect just as they are. You don't have to make your art with bright colors just to fit on Etsy. There's room for everybody and I'm sure people will love what you do. I know because I do. And I can't wait for you to open your Etsy shop!

ruby in the dust said...

I wonder whether it could be a Kiwi thing, I find NZers generally don't like very bright things. Anyway, I think your girls are lovely and delicate, and the colours suit your style very well. Keep creating!

Juliana Bollini said...

Very Nice and sweet your art!!!
Hugs, Juliana.