Wednesday, June 11, 2008

All the colours are changing in my eyes

I would like to thank everyone for their kind comments and support of my new Etsy shop. I got my first feedback yesterday... very exciting. I feel Etsy has given me something I have wanted to do for a long time. A community of like minded people from around the world, it is such a wonderful thing to be part of.

I have become quite fond of green in the last few months... with a touch of red. My daughter thinks they look art deco, very apt since we live in Napier.

I told them to smile but these three are a rather sombre lot. I am finding it interesting when I put hands and feet on the girls they seem to look a lot younger then with these long arms? For me the long arms make them seem wise. Like when my children were in my tummy I thought of them as being amazing, clever, highly intelligent creatures growing all the right bits in the right places to survive in the world they were soon to enter. But once they got to our world they instantly become helpless and are now having to learn how to survive again. And it is up to me to put those pieces in the right places for them.

In the past my girls would stand there all cool, calm and collected with whatever was going on around them happening in the background. Now they are starting to interact with their background and it is a whole lot of new things for them and me to learn... how they hold things, where their arms bend and how their feet sit on the ground etc...
and it is a little bit like giving birth again.


Russet said...

Hi Katherine, Lovely work with the blues and greens. I am fascinated and a little overawed by the wonderful stories that are emerging. It is like discovering who you are and learning of a person I didn't know existed. And seeing the respect you have for your girls and their lives. And that their lives are so interesting.

Kind thoughts
anne michelle

Psychic Edna said...

really nice piece

Krissysart said...

Just love it. They make me want to put on a warm coat and give them all a big hug! LOVE your observation about your children in the womb. Only the very creative could come up with such an interesting perspective!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

justagirl said...


I thought you would like the blues and greens, depending on what season it is of course... I think through this I am discovering things I didn't know about myself and my girls as well.

psychic edna

thanks, am glad you like it.


thanks, sometimes I wonder whether it is a good idea to voice some of my notions in my head out loud or not :)

And I did have a good weekend thank you, now it is nearly mid week again (good grief)...

Dada's place said...

I really like these girls. They're simple and interesting, sweet and sophisticated. Your colours are wonderful. Great!