Friday, June 6, 2008

One of the sisters...

I am not sure which one of Sleeps sisters this is yet, but I know she is one of them... She must be the clumsy one, she was holding a dream catcher but has dropped it. I hope it doesn't land on anyone?

I am looking forward to the weekend, I've got a meeting tonight with a group of fellow artists. We were students together at art school and decided to form a group to make and sell our art (our goal was to go to Greece with the money)... Well 10 years later we had saved about $9000, not quite enough. With everyones lives getting so busy, having babies, doing more study, illness etc... we decided to divide up the money. We still meet once a month to catch up and talk arty things and girly stuff, but our goals have changed.

So I am looking forward to that, and I have some art work to post off to people from my Etsy shop. And maybe a sleep in tomorrow morning. Hopefully Sleep and her sisters heard that last bit. I WANT A SLEEP IN !!!


Heather B. said...


I just visited your Etsy shop and it's wonderful!

I am working on getting mine up and running.

I just have one suggestion, and you may have already thought of this...ADVERTISE IN A SHOWCASE!! I think this is a great way to get people to notice your store.

Here's to your success!

Krissysart said...

Katherine, just found you on Danita's blog. Your style is so wonderful! I love how charming, simple and innocent it is. So glad to have you as a fellow esty-er!

Russet said...

Katherine, how fantastic she is flying and her feet are showing; wonderful ancient wise woman feet. She looks so happy and like is is flying with speed and grace. I wonder what the dreamcatcher is she dropped.

I hear you missed the sleep in...can only be for the good......

Anne Michelle


Congratulations on your Etsy shop....I am sure you will enjoy much success.

What fun to meet and chat about art and girly stuff with gal pals...have a great time.

justagirl said...

Heather b

thanks for taking a look, and thanks for your help the other day.
I have booked a showcase for Friday 20th June.


Thanks for you kind comments and I am really excited to be a fellow etsyer.


I got a little sleep in, better then nothing. I like her little feet too.

nancy lefko

Thank you for your comments and for taking a look at my shop.