Wednesday, June 25, 2008

your moment

Am trying a few different colours lately... a little bit girly this one, a bit fleshy. I am not really a pink person but I like it with the trolleys. Ben loves hitching things up together to make a convoy around the house, and they all have their turns being in the front or holding the special toy etc... so this is about those special moments when it is your moment and your moment alone.


Amy Short said...

Ooooh I love it! There is something just serene and peaceful about it! Lovely! :o) Amy

Russet said...

Hi Katherine,

I love the sense of the littles flying out of the carriage with the colours, , gives me ideas of moments coming out and opening up, your work delicious as ever

Anne Michelle

Heather B. said...


In case you haven't heard, you were a "hand-picked item" on Etsy! Saturday I was at a relatives and went to peek at Etsy and there was this piece of art!


justagirl said...

amy short

thank you for your kind words.


thanks, yeah the colour is interesting... not my usual.

Heather b

thanks for letting me know, I saw there was a huge influx of views on this piece and asked what was happening on the forums... was a bit exciting.

MandieGirl said...

this is SO cute!!!