Friday, June 27, 2008

Although sleep leaves me behind

Every now and again I find sleep forgets to visit me some nights and I am left waiting and thinking, way too much thinking. I guess it is a busy job putting the world to sleep, as the world turns it would be an endless job in fact. Thank goodness for sleeps sisters! Where would we be without our sisters?

I don't actually have any sisters of my own to rely on just a brother... not long after he was born (he is two years younger then me) I 'got' an imaginary friend... his name was January. He was tall, much taller then me and old, way older then me, he traveled a lot and wore black.

My mother thought January came along to keep me company until my brother got 'interesting'. I am sure I must still see January now and again as I am still waiting for my brother to get interesting. Why couldn't I have had a helpful interesting sister like one of sleep's...?

I have just listed this on etsy... let me know what you think?


eljayrae said...

I absolutely just adore your work. It makes me smile... and in this age of so many problems... that's a good thing. I first saw your work on etsy..(I think?) and Googled your name. Found much about actor Anthony Quinn's daughter -same name-...but finally found you. I know I, personally, love to have my work appreciated and just wanted to give you a "shout out".. keep up the lovely work.
If you would like to view my site it is at: My blog is on there, but it is a bit of a different format. Take care and have a wonderful day...
linda solan

Terri said...

beautiful katherine! i loved reading about your imaginary friend. all that creativity was waking up in you early in your life...what a gift!

Krissysart said...

Adorable little work. Has january been to visit lately? My imaginery friend was Billy Joel.....don't ask. Hope you've had a wonderful weekend of perfectly restful sleep.

carine b. said...

I love so much your work!I've just dicovered it with the link which is on kelly rae 's blog.Thank you so much.

tracey said...

Your work is just precious. I'd really love to hear more about your process sometime. Soft, beautiful pieces, all of them.

justagirl said...


Thanks for you kind comments, I had a look at your work and they are just beautiful!!! I really liked the barn series.


I never really thought of having an imaginary friend as being creative... but I guess it is isn't it.


Lol Billy Joel that is funny...
sleep has been good to me lately, thanks.

carine b

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work and I am glad you like it.


thanks for stopping by, I would love to tell you about my process sometime, just send me an email.

Shawn said...

I just realized it's been a while since I visited your blog. My laptop where I was tuning in all the time won't turn on now and hasn't for about a week. Bummer. It's my kitchen computer and otherwise how I get things done. I'm feeling the loss.

But, I love trees. In fact, I have a minor obsession with them. That's why I have a tree in my banner, and my living room is soon to be in a tree theme.

Anyway, long story short is that I love it all. This, too and especially. I actually turn out great things when I can't sleep. This week I had a weird sense of sleeping with my eyes open. Odd. Never happened before.

ruby in the dust said...

Love the colours, they are very dream-like:)