Monday, November 3, 2008

Nesting time...

This is a sheet of images that are soon to be transformed into magnets for the Christmas Sales. I really love seeing them all together in this format.

I haven't done any work for last week or so, except getting things like the magnets and prints etc... ready for Xmas sales. I can feel this nesting thing happening now, it usually comes after I have had a break from creating and it is my body telling me it wants to do something, paint something, create something.

I feel an urgent need to clean my work areas and make sure I am stocked up on supplies, source more supplies, look at my inspiration scrapbooks. In my mind ideas are running around, getting ditched, being altered and reworked... I often have a vague look on my face and people think there is something wrong (I need a sign saying "it's ok I am just nesting" around my neck). A few days of this kind of thing and then I am into a new lot of work.

Now is a good time to be nesting and getting on with new work as I got a call this morning from a gallery to say they have run out and need some more work.

I am also thinking of having another show next year? will see how things go over Christmas and the new year.


Brenda said...

They do look wonderful all together like that. They are going to make gorgeous magnets.

carine b. said...

It's really wonderful all those cute girls.Is it for etsy?Christmas arrive & i like making my own present...Have a good day!!!

justagirl said...

Thanks Brenda, there is something about repetition that excites me.

They wont be for etsy, we have a local christmas sales event where you can sell things in the few months leading up to christmas. I too like making my own gifts for christmas.

Brenda said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I see you're from Napier, a very lovely place. I am a Kiwi by birth, came to Australia when I was 22.

Michele Maule said...

Your magnets look great!
I'm trying to get ready for Christmas too. I thought I had all this time, then today I realized that it's November, and next month is Christmas!! Where does the time go??

Good luck with everything!

Oh! I tagged you too :)
See my blog for the details.

tangled sky studio said...

that one page of images makes you so productive...genius! i too am nesting and cleaned my studio over the weekend...clearing out mental clutter not quite as easy.