Monday, November 17, 2008

stamps, apple lollies and wisteria...

I got these lovely stamps the other day from the Trade Aid shop in Havelock North... they have been beautifully hand carved and I don't know if I really want to use them they are so lovely.

I have had a few people question me about my collection of apple lollies... well here are a few pictures of them. Apple has always been my favourite flavour of lolly, not only because of the taste but also the visuals of the apple packaging. One day I decided to keep the ones I had just bought and start collecting more... I never dreamed I would ever get over 70 different kinds! I think it might be the biggest apple lolly collection in the world?
the largest apple lolly collection in the world!

a close up of the apple lollies

This photo was taken so you could see my lovely wisteria, I am so proud of it... last year it was just a few stumps poking out of the ground and now look at it. We are building a fence soon around this side of the house to divide the car parking and the BBQ area so I thought I would take some before photos.

I have just taken the storm girls from my last posts to a gallery in Havelock North. I had them framed by Kathy at the Gilded leaf and she has done a great job (as she always does). I also took in my Christmas Sales offerings this weekend, I can't wait to see the gallery all set up with the Christmas stock.

I also got an email back from the woman who was running the exhibition where I got into the Next magazine... and she told me the painting sold so that is good news.

I still seem to be feeling a little odd at the moment, am not sure why, it is like a restless energy where I feel I should be doing things but nothing I do seems to be right? There just don't seem to be enough hours in the day...


tangled sky studio said...

we seem to be on very similar wavelengths...i had a great weekend too filled with good things business and personal wise but today i am feeling a bit lost...just as you said.
congratulations on the sale and i would love to see a photo of your things on display at the shop. your wisteria looks absolutely beautiful to my winter ready eyes...the first flurries began to fly tonight and most of the trees are bare here...isn't it odd how we are living opposites?

tangled sky studio said...

oh, and....i LOVE the apple lolly collection!

Brenda said...

Love the stamps, what a great find. Wonderful that your painting sold so quickly (not surprising though). Your wisteria has taken off like a beanstalk - wish things would grow like that over here (in the desert!) That's probably one of the things I miss the most - putting something in the ground in NZ, not having to worry about watering, and watching it grow.

justagirl said...


It is a funny thing being in the middle of spring and thinking of you coming into winter soon... Do you have snow where you live, is that what you mean when you say flurries? We don't get snow in Hawkes Bay.

I think that lost feeling can be after getting ready for big shows etc... there is no urgency anymore, no deadline to get things done.


Yes putting things in the ground and watching them grow without too much effort is a good thing about NZ, although I am known for killing things in the best of conditions.

carine b. said...

Hello miss!!!
I'm laughing because i'm like you...the day must be longer& that's all!You know what?I'll make that wish for the new year...
I find your stamps so beautiful...& the apple lolly collection too!!!At home my son enjoys gardenning;he's nine ,school don't really interest him but watching his plants growing is his favorite activity & such essential...But now trees have forgotten their leaves & it's freezing the morning.It's funny to think that you are in spring!!!
Have a good day and bravo for your selling!!!!

blueberries in the fields said...

oh your lolly collection looks fabulously colorful. congrats for your sales and especially your wonderful paintings. I love those sweet innocent happy faces you create.
Lucky you to have such a breathaking wisteria. Growing so fast !! I live in Quebec, Canada, wisteria would never grow here.
warm wishes.

gryphon said...

Congrats on the sale. Those stamps are awesome. I might have to look in the trade aid shop here in Nelson to see if they've got any goodies like that!
Well I finally did your list thingie - only took me 3? weeks