Thursday, February 19, 2009

(am still working on the background)

(this is the one I fixed the face on)

These are what I did last night, neither are finished but both are coming along nicely. I am slowly getting the hang of painting the backgrounds and getting the effect I am wanting. One thing I am really loving is the new chalk pastels from Pebbles Inc I got a few weeks ago, the ones I think I mentioned that are like a blusher makeup kit. They are so much fun and easy to use especially with the little pom poms and applicator tool. I feel like a make up artist as I apply shadows and cheeks on my girls.

I don't know if any of you know of the Pebeo brand (I think it is French)? but they have a wonderful gloss varnish... Well, on the face I touched and wrecked late last week while waiting for the varnish to dry I was able to sand it and re-apply some of the chalk pastels and then do another coat of varnish and it looks pretty good. It comes in a gloss and a mat, but I find the gloss a lot easier to apply an even coat.

I am really enjoying this experimenting with mediums and materials, in the past I think I had such tunnel vision. I didn't seek out new things, thought they were a waste of time as I thought I knew all I needed to know to get what I wanted onto paper. But telling myself it is ok to experiment and play has been the most unwaste of time ever.

We are thinking of the possibility of going to England in the next school holidays (easter time) to visit my partners family. I am quite excited (very excited in fact) at the thought and a little scared as well. I am interested to see what the stars are like up in that part of the world.


Delwyn said...

Hi Katherine, I like the face on the 2nd one - sort of quizzical - even a little knowing ...its a good look...
Your girls have their own personalities.

Delwyn said...

I went looking for your postcards..all out?

Your girls have lost their hats today!!!

justagirl said...

Hey Delwyn

No hats today... the wind is a little gusty over this way.

I am going to do an etsy shop update at the end of Feb... with some new prints, magnets, jewels and postcards.

Brenda said...

I love them. It is always interesting to try and experiment with new mediums isn't it. A trip to England sounds fantastic, fingers crossed for you.

tangled sky studio said...

hi katherine...the experimenting is paying off! these girls are sweet and i think the trip to england sounds like a grand adventure....

Megan Chapman said...

I hope you do go to England.
Sounds fantastic.
Hope you are well.
best wishes with everything.

peg said...

DrĂ´lement sympa tes coquinettes !