Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Art Deco Weekend

(the second finished piece from last week)

Well I found her missing arm... I think this is the first girl I have done with bare arms, usually they have long sleeves? I have also done a few more faces, but mucked them up when brushing on the gloss varnish. Was trying a new thing with the hair and got a bit heavy handed. The others were fine but then I was compelled to touch them before they were dry and now they all have finger marks in them! Luckily I have learnt from that wee exercise... TO BE MORE PATIENT!!!

(sorting through the rubble after the earthquake)

We are celebrating Art Deco Weekend this week, where a whole lot of people come to Napier for a big celebration of the Art Deconess of our town. On 3 February 1931 there was a large earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale (New Zealand's deadliest natural disaster). The ground heaved upwards, swayed and 30 seconds later, there was a downward movement and violent shaking. Most of the town was destroyed and some land was raised from the sea (our airport has been built on land that was under the sea before the quake). It was all rebuilt in art deco which was the style of the time. The wall around our house was built using bricks from the rubble left from the quake, the house itself was built in 1929.

Anyway there will be a lot of people visiting Napier this weekend so I am franticly getting work ready for the two galleries I supply in town. I was pleased with the amount of work I got done last night, being cooler it is a lot easier to work.


Brenda said...

She has turned out lovely. Good luck this weekend, hope you sell lots and lots.

Heather B. said...

Wish I could visit the Art Deco celebration. I love that time period. Your new girl is very cute. She's much more rosier than the others with a sweet flip to her hair.

Have fun...sell art!

Carine b said...

So,so cute,those pillows seem to be so sweet...i love the colours & bravo for your first bare arms...good luck for this weekend!!

oksana said...

Beautiful as always! :))

JuliaRose said...

Hi, I remmember going up on the hill, that wasnt there before the quake, my family lived in ANpier for awhile, and I saw all the lovely deco buildings, I love that period of art!...
How do you paint the varnish on?..what sort of brush, I have trouble too, as I leave brush strokes which I hate?...I love the girls bare arms , looks good!...xxx

justagirl said...

Hi Juliarose

I use a very soft brush... and the varnish as it dries seems to mend the streaks left by the brush and dries to a smooth finish. I have tried others that don't dry that way, but the pebeo acrylic gloss medium is great (the mat doesn't seem to be as good, it can dry a little streaky).


ps the art deco buildings are lovely.

JuliaRose said...

Oh Katherine, I love this pink one!!, of course pink is my fav colour, it's so pretty and sweet...xx