Monday, February 9, 2009

It is so damn hot!!!

We are in the middle of a heat wave at the moment and I feel like I am melting... I have my fan going at work and I might as well have a hairdryer blowing in my face. Even though it is so hot I have got two works nearly completed for this week and another one under way for next week.

(work #1)

(work # 2)
(I seem to have a problem with extremes of colour, nothing in between)

I am not really sure why I am working on this size 12" x 12"... I think these started out as experiments that I continued to work on and have ended up as possible finished pieces. It seems silly but these are probably some of the largest works I have done. I have always worked on a small scale. I think apart from the fact that anything larger then an A5 has scared the daylights out of me in the past, small works are easier to carry around. I can slip them in my handbag and when I have an exhibition I can fit them into a small box along with the hanging equipment. And I think from a selling point of view, people are able to buy a small piece and usually have somewhere they can fit it in their home.

For a while now I have based my work around a quote by Barbara Kingsolver... 'She sits up in bed to get a closer look at her thoughts, which have collected above her in the dark' and a line from a song by Beth Orton... 'so much time gets lost in my mind'. It has always kind of fascinated me what people think about, the way they think, and how thoughts are linked (their in between thoughts). I read a book once about a man who could hear peoples thoughts. I always thought this would be very handy... but I think in the book it turned him loopy. I guess you would hear a lot of stuff you didn't want to know about. Anyway this is more or less the line of thought that these works have taken.


Brenda said...

I can empathise, we've just had a heatwave, 47C was our hottest day, yuk! Loving your art work, and isn't it really good for us to get out of our comfort zone and do something out of our norm? Keep it up, I can't wait until I can buy one of your originals (saving up). I love the new colourings you are using too.

Mooneybeams said...

Ah - I love Barbara Kingsolver's books! The first I ever read was The Poisonwood Bible but I think that Prodigal Summer is probably my favourite.

I love these peices - 12 x 12 is obviously a good size for you!

Thanks for popping by my blog - I grew up just outside Wanganui (Brunswick, to be exact) and now my Dad and Stepmum are on Waiheke, and have been for about the last 10 years. I still have friends from school but they're in Christchurch and Melbourne (traitor) these days!

oksana said...

I can not find your old photos. Where and how can I see them:)

oksana said...

And I need some extra warmth:)) But 47 is too much:(
I like your last pictures! The small fish... so cute:) The texture of faces are very smooth like satin.

Carine b said...

Hello miss Katherine and congratulations for your bigger picture which are so fantastic,i love them both and my daughter too!!!She is four & as you can imagine princess & castle & heart are really important for her!!!Good,good work,as always...!
At home we've got a gale warning for the night....good luck for the day!!!

justagirl said...

47C that is just nuts Brenda!!! I thought our 37C was nasty... hopefully it will get cooler for you soon.

Hey mooneybeams... prodigal summer was my favourite too. Your lucky Dad and stepmum living on Waiheke.

I have just added a post with some old pics Oskana hope you have a good giggle.

Carine I am glad your daughter liked my paintings... those things are so important to 4 year olds and 37 year olds too... I hope you are not blown away.