Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My old self when I was younger...

After reading Kelly Rae's blog and seeing her pics of her old self I thought I would post a few of mine... it was fun going through the box and remembering those old times. I had a good childhood with lots of fond memories.

(the neighbourhood kids all ready for the first day of school... I am first on the left and my brother next to me)

(me and my brother... I loved those jeans)

(oh my goodness look at those shorts!!! seeing who could blow the biggest bubbles, I think I won)

(I got my photo in the paper during a holiday craft class... I loved the stripy top, it was black and red velvet)

(my cousin Shirley and me pulling faces with our overalls on, me on the right)

(one of my birthday parties... I am second from the left)

(my brother and the typewriter he wouldn't let me have a go of... this one is for Michele Maule)

(my brother, grandmother and me on the Tigerlily in the Bay of Islands)

I think I was a bit of a tom boy growing up, didn't wear too many dresses. Although once I remember going into a shop with dad and I was wearing a dress and the man behind the counter thought I was a boy. My mum always said that I would probably never grow my hair long... and so it was always short... but once I turned 15 I thought I would give it a go and it has never been short since.

I grew up in a neighbourhood where there were quite a few kids around and I remember we used to put on plays for our parents in the holidays. We would practice for days and on opening night would charge them to come and watch us. I also remember there was a witch who would walk up and down our street and you had to watch out she didn't see you or else. I remember days of playing with the lego and monopoly, making huts with the beach umbrellas and then sleeping in them for the night. Good memories, how much simpler life was back then.


tangled sky studio said...

Oh-so cute! I have many similar outfits although I must admit I was a girly-girl. Thanks for sharing these photos (I thought of doing the same after seeing Kelly Rae's blog). It's so fun to look back and have a laugh and a smile.


Delwyn said...

Hello Katherine, my name is Delwyn and altho I grew up in NZ I now live in Qld. I love to come across blogs of other Australians and NZer's. There's a certain wholesomeness about the contents and attitudes expressed there.
I love your art work and will order some cards shortly. Your work reminds me of Kelly Rae's - very innocent and refreshing. Thanks for the joy.

Mooneybeams said...

The school uniforms! Ah. I always wanted the checked dress high-school summer uniform (that non antipodeans may be familiar with through Aussie soaps like Neighbours). I went to Wanganui High School and the year I started they got rid of the checked dress and brought in a grey box pleat skirt and white polo shirt! Ugh! So hot. And a horrible tartan skirt with which we were only allowed to wear flesh coloured or grey tights. I got a detention once for wearing black tights - ooooooh, what a rebel! Can you hear the sarcasm?

Brenda said...

Love the photos and reminiscing - it did bring back memories for me. Life was much simpler back then, we really could be kids - it was similar where I lived, we were always outside and go for miles exploring, and our neighbourhood was filled with kids the same ages. Thanks for sharing. Where I used to live was once orchards and vineyards, now it is shops and businesses with copious amounts of traffic - I haven't been back for years, I like to remember it as it was when I was young.

oksana said...

Very nice photos! I had the same problem: everybody was thonking that I am a boy and I hated it! Always I had a dream for a long hair but never happened:)))

gryphon said...

I was the opposite always had long hair growing up. Though was still a tom boy :) Short hair now - as you know! Great pics! They remind me of my chilhood pics too.