Friday, June 25, 2010

dorky little things...

(final painting in my latest series... not quite finished)

This piece above is a lead in to my next series of works for July, which is about childhood friends, imaginary and otherwise...

Time management is an interesting thing... it is something I think I am ok at and do quite well.  I have these silly, dorky little things that I do to help me get things done, I am going to share them with you, but don't laugh...

Ok here goes... I tell myself "the more I do today, the happier Katherine of tomorrow will be"...  If I paint the last three arms, get the last few backgrounds ready or do a page of faces tonight then it will make the Katherine of tomorrow happier, that will be one less thing she will have to add to her to do list in the morning.  I often think of my future self and how I can help her out and it works for me... do I sounds crazy?

The other thing I do is to try to do at least one thing each day (apart from the weekend, unless I feel like it) towards my creative business.  Even if it is just a bit of filing, sorting out the ongoing mess on my kitchen table, a little online research or finishing off a little something on a painting etc... It is going to make less work for me tomorrow.   I like to be on top of what there is to be done, with a busy family life, work commitments, friends etc... I have got to really.

After I have finished this e-course I am thinking of doing a post on how I create my girls... if anyone is interested?


Anonymous said...

She is beautiful! I love how you talk about yourself in the third person. Very quirky....☺☺☺☺

I am SO INTERESTED in how you create your girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have to do that post now or I will lay down and cry.☺☺ lol

Silke said...

I need to take you as my example - I'm having trouble even keeping up with the e-course! There is soooo much! Your new girl is wonderful!! Love, Silke

Helen Lewis said...

I would love hearing how you create your girls, so please plan to do that post! I am impressed with your organization and discipline with your time. Like Silke in your last comment, I am having trouble staying on top of the e-course, but that is partly because I have been traveling for the last 12 days.
Love, love, love your work!!

softearthart said...

Oh I just love her head gear, so terrific, I am keen to know how you create your girls, cheers Marie

Heather B. said...

I would love, LOVE to see how you make your girls!

Nice time management strategies.

Cathy {Tinniegirl} said...

I would love to know more about your artistic process. Absolutely. Your work is beautiful.

Mel @ Wildflower said...

I don't think it's strange at all - we all do different things to keep us on track - just this afternoon at work I wrote a postit note list of the 5 jewellery pieces I have to start tonight (notice I said 'start'!). And I would love to hear the creative process behind your girls :)

Tara said...

DEFO want to know how you make your girls! And that's an interesting way to get things done, might try it myself. x

Jacqueline said...

Dearest Katherine, im excited about your new series. She looks really good and i especially adore her cute hat!

Thank you so much for sharing your tips on time management. I have a similar mojo like yours except that my thoughts would "do a little more so i will have one less thing to do tomorrow" and with my day job i mostly try to spend at least an hour each weekday to work in my little studio. Even with these i still find myself struggling when it comes to time mamagement!

Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!

Diane said...

I think any method that anyone uses for time management when it works is great--your method is a fun way of handling it.
And yes, of course, we would love to see how you create your quirky girls!

Kelly said...

oh YES PLEASE on how you create your girls! I'm having a hard time choosing which of your postcards to buy!

chrissy said...

yes yes yes! tell us how you do those AMAZINGLY wonderful girls! i love them.
i love you catherine. also the catherine of tomorrow. you are so funny. i can see your humor through your words. you make me laugh.
the antlers on this little girls head MAKE HER! i am fond of things with, is that weird?
moose especially.

Anonymous said...

I would love to know how you create your girls because they are just lovely!

Kerri said...

i'd love to know about how your create your girls! they're lovely=-

and yes, i agree, to just do at least ONE thing that creates forward motion in your creative endeavors each day.

Kolleen said...

i am right there with Silke....i am struggling keeping up!!!

i loved hearing about you and how you manage your time.

you inspire!!

would love to see one of your sweet girls come to life!!!

happy friday to you and yours

Amanda said...

You Make me love so hard:))

Love your work & your post:))

Would love to see how you put your beautiful girls together.


Julia said...

Oh Katherine, I lover hewr, she is so sweet!!!....and I love that you are bringing imaginary friends in to your art....I had lots as a child....xx...julia

erin carver said...

I've been trying to think more about my 'self of tomorrow' ever since you gave me that great advice Katherine! Would LOVE to see a post of how you create your girls xx

Michele Fauss said...

I love your time management advice, it's really a great way to motivate yourself to get things done. As I have a terrible time with managing my time, I'm going to give this method a try. Thanks for sharing. :)

Also, I would definitely be interested in seeing how you make your girls. They are always so beautiful and cute!

teresa said...

Yes!! I would love to hear how you make your girls!!
They are so lovely and full of character!
Can't wait!

Kim Henkel said...

I too along with so many others would love to hear how you create your girls! I also like your tip for getting things done for your future self. I know I am usually happier if I push myself to get a few more things done.

Micki said...

Guess what?? you won 1st prize in my bumper blog giveaway!!!

Congratulations sweetie x

If you contact me via my email in my blog profile with your postal address, I will get everything shipped out to you ASAP :)

Thanks for entering

Micki x

NatashaMay said...

Of course we're interested!!! :)) I love that you share these little things. I'll have to try to talk to my future self and see if it works. :)

And your latest painting is amazing! Love the hat with deer antlers. So refreshing.