Thursday, June 17, 2010

is your brain the same as mine...

You may notice a few changes on my blog layout, I've added an etsy and a felt page, a portfolio page, a news update page and a few others...  I have also linked my web address ( to this blog until I get a real live website sorted.

I have done a few more of the little drawings I mentioned in my last post...  and have also done another one of the collage girls, although there is not actually a lot of collage in them... (I am still working on that).  I am realising that all this has come from me struggling with the development of my style.  As well as soft and subtle I am also really attracted to strong colours and everything in between.  Like Amelie, I just love the colours in that movie, the greens and reds... and every time I see it I feel an intense urge to add that strong colour element to my work.  Which inevitably always, always ends in a disaster.  It really frustrates me no end!!!  I like to look at it but I can't replicate the feeling it gives me into my own work... I am slowly learning that it is ok to love what I see and love what I do and for them to be quite different.

Although I have this internal battle with the ongoing development of my work, I think to some extent I already have a unique style and it is something that people recognise as being me.  Like the first time I finished one of my pendants and I wore it into town.  As a sales assistant passed me in a shop she pointed to my pendant and said "that looks like a Katherine Quinn".   I smiled and said "it is, I made it last night"...  that is a nice feeling.

I think I my brain works too fast for my hands sometimes... is your brain the same as mine?


Silke said...

Oh, yes, my brain is the same way. That's why I like it when my hands take over when I paint and my brain sort of shuts off. Today, I made a painting in the Amelie colors. When it's all done, I'll post it. Hope you are doing wonderfully!! Love, Silke

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your new blog layout! I clicked on your portfolio and went WOW!

I so, so get what you are saying about loving what you see, loving what you do and them being two different things. I feel like that often (all the time)!

You are such an inspiration, Katherine. I love your honesty! ♥

Annette Q said...

Hi Katherine...i know what you mean about the reds and greens in Amelie. I swoon at the richness of colour everytime I see that film!
And yep the brains always going but never enough time for my hands to catch up it seems! :-)

danasparkle said...

thank you, i too struggle with inspiration and how it translates differently on the page. i think thats the thing with creativity and sparks of inspiration. the ideas come from everywhere but our expression is unique to our own style and experience. your ladies may not incarnate the colours of Amelie but i think they convey a similar energy. that movie is so fabulous for giving wings and a voice to simplicity and pathos of life.

Jen said...

I am really impressed with your blog layout. I might need to tinker some more with mine. That's a great story about your style being recognized.

I do agree about my brain. I can think so much, but can't get it out fast enough whether it be through lists or writing or art. It's just too fast. But it can be exciting =)

stickytiki said...

Wow Katherine..I need to pick your brain about your blog cool! And of course so are your drawings:)

Anonymous said...

oh my. i LOVE your blog. it's so soft and comfy. i could put on my soft fluffy socks and curl up with your blog all day long.

popping over from flying lessons!

Cadi said...

I like the fresh look, too!

And I think your work is amazing!

softearthart said...

I love your blog layout, so cool,and your portfolio is magic. Amelie is one of my favorite movies. It is interesting what comes into our brains and the need to create those thoughts. I feel nothing is random, but meant to be for our own personal creative,artistic life. How lucky we are to be open to this experience and to be able to bring it into form, cheers Marie

Carola Zajdman said...

So so beautiful, the coloura are soft and tender, love it

risa said...

Wow, wonderful changes to your blog...really shows what the possibilities are with blogger!

Well done!

Anonymous said...

Oh honey, I hope your brain isn't like mine, for your sake!! :D

Your new additions to the blog look fabulous.

And (easy to say, harder to do) just go with the flow of what you know to do ~ and what you love and are inspired by will slowly be infused into your work.

Love the story about the pendant.:)


Cathy {Tinniegirl} said...

Your blog redesign looks fantastic.

And yes, I totally get the style thing. I often feel like I haven't really got there yet, but other people say my work is distinctively mine. I'm not sure that I see it. But I will keep plugging along.

Your work seems really distinctive (and gorgeous) to me. I really loved the story about the girl recognising your work.

NatashaMay said...

I soo understand what you're saying. :) I have colors in my head but when I try to put them on canvas it's like a paint factory exploded. :) And they never match as well as they do in my head. How frustrating!?

So good you made pages for everything on your blog. It's much easier to find it now. :)

And I'm so happy for you your work got recognized. :))) It must have felt awesome! :)

Micki said...

Your blog looks lovely, I know what you mean about being pulled in different directions, for me I have the hardest time picking between, 'bright, pretty and whimsical' or 'vintagey, funny and quirky' I love both styles and at the moment am happy doing the 2 styles, i'm not sure whether I should just try to concentrate on one of those styles though, I worry if I did I would become bored!

Quote " As a sales assistant passed me in a shop she pointed to my pendant and said "that looks like a Katherine Quinn". I smiled and said "it is, I made it last night"... " Unquote

WOW!!!!!!! That is just all kinds of awesome!!


Micki x

erin carver said...

you definitely have a unique style Katherine, it's wonderful. I love the story about the shop assistant recognising your work, that is so cool! i feel i have a ways to go to find/define what my own style is! totally love your new blog layout, it looks awesome :)

Kerri said...

your blog looks great-
and yes, that is a great compliment you recieved-- you work has a distinctively YOU look! :)

Trena said...

I love the new look of things!

Bev said...
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Bev said...

i am laughing out loud to myself...i got interrupted and when i came back to my comment i sent it without finishing it!
how lovely to have someone notice your work, when it was to you they were saying it to!!
my brain works too fast too(obviously, i send comments before i finish them!!)and sometimes it keeps me up at night thinking of new creations...
your blog looks very nice, it is soothing to the eye...

Karin said...

Hi Katherine! I'm over here from Kelly's course....and yes, my brain works the same way!! I Love your work!!

Noël said...

Katherine, I have just added your sleep buttons to my side bar. I have to figure out how to add the html to the sidebar on mine, so others can add it. Your blog looks fabulous!!

It must have felt awesome to have someone recognize your work! How wonderful for you... enjoy it!

chrissy said...

oh katherine.
i love all your changes.
that must have felt wonderful when that sales clerk said that to you!! what an "a ha!" moment.
you are a doll.
huge hugs to you.

Michele Fauss said...

I agree you definitely have your own style. And I love that story about someone recognizing your work. That is just too cool.

I understand your dileama with using colors. For me it's the opposite, I use bright bold colors all the time, and really find it challenging to use softer tones. I keep trying, and every time I feel it's looks too pale. :) yet believe it or not, I am attracted to that look too.

Anyway, keep doing what you do, your artwork is lovely!