Friday, August 20, 2010

everyday things...

I just love these, they are my most favourite lead pencil to use... I love them.

Now there are several barrel sharpeners that I like to use but this one has a sharpener for lead, one for coloured pencil and another one for larger pencils... which I find useful for chalk pastel pencils as the smaller holes seem to crumble the pastel tip.... and it matches my most favourite pencil in the world.

I have never found a better eraser, I have used some that smudge the lead when I rub out a pencil mark on paint, but not this one... and because of the protective sleeve they stay clean.

 These are the coloured pencils I use to draw the faces on my girls and to do shading on their dresses and colouring up the edegs of my paintings.  Because the are water colour pencils it is a good option to add water if you need to.

There are so many things you can do with these crayons, very versatile... and so many great colours too. They really spread really well when you add water so you don't need to use too much.

There are far too many to list... I love them all.

This is the juiciest white pen I have ever used... I use it for dabbing the sparkle dot in my girls eyes, adding spots to hats and dresses and any other little details.

These are so much fun to use with the applicator tool, adding colour to my girls faces, it is like I am their make up artist.  The light blue colour in the middle is my most favourite colour in this set.

Filbert brushes

You can paint anything with these brushes, they have slightly rounded edges which make them good for blending.  You can get these at any art supplies shop.

My most favourite scissors... the little pair of scissors I use to cut out faces and other small bits and pieces and the large pair I use to cut out... big stuff.

This is my favourite varnish... I have tried many different ones and this seems to really enhance whats underneath.

I have just started using this and I am really liking what it does over the paint... it gives an encaustic look.

I have several of these that are permanent residence on my kitchen table, couldn't live without them.

Well that is pretty much the tools I use everyday... what do you use everyday?


battodol-arte said...

that's great that you share everything :) loved your blog :)not just because you share of course, for the things you write and paint :)

softearthart said...

Oh what a great range of tools. I use New Zealand wool,a foam pad,a very sharp needle felting needle, and I have a favorite pair of really great scissors, and that's me, very minimal. cheers Marie

Bev said...

thanks for sharing your tool kit! some of these i have and some i don' the earthtone chalks and i want to try the golden tar you apply this after you are done painting?

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Oh... loving all these goodies!! The clear tar gel is something I haven't taken a look at before. Looks really interesting... I might have to give it a try and see what it does! :)

Dee said...

*droooooOOOOoool* lucky you getting to use these every day! they all sound so delicious. :)
What brand is the white pen?
oh, and i was wondering how you attach your papers...glue? sticky dots?? (i did loads of art classes in high school but no formal training beyond that so it's a bit of a treat to see all these lovely products and to hear how to use them) :)

and me? i use a dish cloth, baby wipes, laundry powder and vacuum cleaner everyday :) hehe

Josh said...

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danasparkle said...

this was so interesting. i have never seen watercolour crayons, will be on the look out for those to play with. thanks for sharing. happy creating to you today...

Anonymous said...

Fab list of interestingness. I have some of those although I use Faber Castell water colour pencils and I have lost that sharpener...

Everyday, I use my white pen, Golden and Derivan paint, pastels, Pitt pens, Bic mechanical pencils, charcoaland camera. ☺☺

Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving us a peek into your 'art box'. Those Faber-Castel pencils are great, and not just for artists. The three-sided design plus the little raised bumps make for a better grip; something little fingers appreciate when they are learning how to write. In fact, they also make thicker versions of this pencil and pencil crayons for the toddler's grip.

The pencils, plus that practical sharpener and eraser were among the first items in my kids' back-to-school kits, and seemed to survive the year.

NatashaMay said...

I have that same sharpener but in red. :))You use a lot of stuff.

I have a lot of stuff that I don't use just because I don't feel like looking for it. :)) But I do use acrylic paint all the time and golden matte medium. That's a must. And water colour pencils and a lot of tissue paper for the backgrounds. That's about it.

I have a lot of scrapbooking paper, basic gray too, but I find it a bit too thick for my paintings so I use pretty napkins instead. :) Oh yeah, and satin acrylic varnish in a spray bottle.

But I have to find a white pen that won't dry on me. I had no luck so far. :)

Micki said...

OOh I LOVE seeing supplies, it's like being in a sweetie shop lol, you have so many good things there, great idea to share them like that, I might have to do a blog post with some of mine in the future ;)

On a side note I have a pot of tar gel sitting on my shelf with my other golden products and I so far have no idea what to do with it (it's been there for over 6 months) i've looked online for tips and can't find any, if you have a moment to email me I would love some pointers? Don't worry if you can't spare the time though, I know you are busy ;)

Micki x

erin carver said...

ohhhh Katherine, so fun that you shared this! I've been craving a good splurge on new materials to play with for a while now! thanks for inspiring. Oil paint sticks are one of my all time favourite materials that i always have to have on hand. Happy weekend to you lovely xo

Diane said...

Excellent post!! I just happen to be going to a Dick Blick store today, and I'm going to look for some of these. I'm hoping to find that pencil sharpener (Can you order it online?) I have such a hard time sharpening my different pencils--thank you so much for sharing!!

rachel awes said...

oh katherine, how i want to play w/you!! i've always wanted to try watercolor pencils! i've mostly used markers! LOVE your work!
just saw beautiful chrissy's shout-out of your shining creations!
lots of love across the ocean!

chrissy said...

dearest dearie....
i LOVE that you just threw out there all you favorite funsies in your toolbox.
i ALWAYS love when artists SHARE their heart knowledge.
you are so AWESOME....has anyone told you that today? ARE.
huge arizona hugs to you.
(loving my kiwi goodies)

Mel @ Wildflower said...

Oh wow - I can't draw or paint to save myself but what fantastic goodies they look! My 10 year old was telling me about some water colour pencils my mother had bought him - I thought he was having me on (never having heard of them before). I'll have to apologise to him :) Thanks for sharing your favourite tools.

Isabel said...

awesome tools!!!:O) Ive never used Golden Gel and have been wanting to, I will have to give it a try:O) I use oil pastels and acrylics and charcoal pencil in all my paintings(just a few tools) Thanx for sharing:O)