Friday, August 27, 2010

three, two, one...

I think I have just about over booked myself, I have three craft markets, two online courses and one exhibition coming up... and all before Christmas.  But then I think to myself 'what would I rather be doing'... and the truth is, there is nothing I would rather be doing, well maybe apart from a little more travel (someone I work with is off to Italy and then Turkey tomorrow and I am rather jealous).

So many things to think about and organise... especially with the craft markets.  It can be a daunting task agonising over what to bring, how much stock to take and whether you have everything organised. 

So I have made a list of the things I will be taking to my next craft market...

Your products 
How much to bring along is a hard question... from experience, it is way better to take along too much then to have not enough.  So over do this part of the preparation, you can store your extra products under the table and bring them out as you need them.  If you don't sell out you have a head start on your next craft market.


I would make sure that everything is labeled and priced the night before
Table and chairs if they are not suppliedSignage or banner
Displays for your products ie: shelves, easels, baskets, mannequins, mirror for customers etc...
Table cloth or sheet to cover your table
Extra price tags
Bags, paper, bubble wrap, tissue, boxes for sold items

Vase and flowers

Business cards
Catalogue or flyers with information about yourself (people like to know this stuff)
A newsletter/mailing list on a clipboard for people to sign up to if they wish
Maybe a copy of your latest newsletter so they can see what they are signing up for

Notebook to record sales, take custom orders, etc...


Receipt book (some people might need one)
Cash box
Change (I usually take  $120 which is made up with  1 x $20... 4 x $10... 7 x $5... 5 x $2... 5 x $1)

Extra stuff
Needle and thread
Safety pins

Craft knife
Push pins

Ruler/tape measure
Baby wipes
Rubbish bag
Mobile phone
Extra paper

Inventory list with prices

For Yourself

Dress in layers
Comfy shoes
Pain relievers/small first aid kit

If you are able, wear your items
A friend to help out
A smile

I am lucky because my actual products don't take up more room then your average file box, but with the rest of the things on this list I usually pack them into a big plastic storage box with wheels.  And I try to pack all of this in the car the night before to give me a little more time in the morning to tell myself that it will all be ok.


bicocacolors said...

i looooove your work, really fantastic, you are an artist. Greetings from Spain

Dale Parker said...

Best of luck at the craft market! These are great ideas for what to take along. I've never done a craft show, but it's good to get ideas from those that have done it before. Thanks!

rachel awes said...

i'd add one
more thing
to your list,
which of course
you'd never
forget ~
& that is your
best part,
the author
& sweet tall
of all
your beautiful
& inspired
& YOUtiful

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Isn't it wonderful to be able to be busy with something you love doing! :) Great list!

Bev said...

i am doing my first craft fair in november, and this list is so helpful to me katherine, thanks!

softearthart said...

Oh your girl is so sweet, love her hair. Great tips, always good to have a list. I will print it out, to keep, when I am off to fairs, I might even just spot you at a few. cheers Marie

patty said...

Wow - I love that you are being so orgainzed as to make a list! I have done many outdoor shows and markets and never did that. Mostly I just keep the stuff in my bins that I will need, but sorry to say, I have had to call my husband on many occasions hoping he will be able to bring the thing that I have forgotten. I think your way is better! Enjoy the process - the whole thing - here's to a receptive audience!!

Diane said...

Great advice. I have 3 fairs coming up too, and it's a bit hard, but fun--good luck with yours!!

danasparkle said...

you are a special treasure. i am starting my first spring market season. nervous. now with your suggestions i feel a bit braver already. thank you. may your market time be more successful than you can imagine and bring you trolley loads of joy.
ps my friend LURVED her 40th gift of your print. her face was priceless.

chrissy said...

im tired!
i can.t imagine how YOU feel.
i loved the
pain relievers and the deodorant.
good luck sweet sister. do not need it.
your work is beautiful and speaks for itself.
people WILL be drawn to it.

Linda R said...

Hi, just stopping by to see what you're up to and BUSY isn't the word for it - good luck in all things coming up and your work is so great, just love it! In case you fly by: Blog: or "like" my Fan/Biz page

Jacqueline said...

So many happy fun things going on over there for you! I am really excited about your craft markets! Please do share share your yummi display table with us. Also thank you so much for sharing your craft markets tips!! Very helpful and inspirational! Have a lovely merry happy week!! Oh and don't forget to breath and relax a little during these busy times! Love to you!


erin carver said...

What a fabulous list Katherine...and what exciting busy times for you - 3 markets, woohoo! love your mum's new felt shop too - it looks gorgeous! xo

Anonymous said...

I hope the show's work out great for you. that was a very helpful list, I may have to print it for future reference. Good luck !